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  1. [:O]thats definitely the funniest and boldest claim of 2010
  2. i aint ''getting'' no1 to...just a suggestion, i cant hear you in the library
  3. o i thought u were talking about new ones
  4. i never said there was, i do too, just a simple idea someone came up with in the pub during a band playing the other week, just thought id try and introduce, fair play, disliked, now i shal go back and play my xbox [;)]
  5. ok il sit there and watch our whole ground turn into a morgue shall i  
  6. have you registered how little we hav in our locker nowadays?? constant droaning y''army''...we sound like wolves when we were in the playoffs yrs ago.even on the ball city is half-hearted half way through
  7. we could add ''and who we f*****g admire'' instead of ''so were the worlds to transpire'' in the song
  8. and also i sit about six rows back in block e,and there is enough people down there who glare at you if u stand up...let alone chanting something new,it wont catch on down there
  9. nothing..its simple and effective...nothing wrong wit another couple :D
  10. well if i hear either me n my mate will certainly be joining you
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