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  1. All you council tax payers in Suffolk are quite entitled to write to your council and ask what they are doing about the money they are owed in view of the fact that they can pay known gambling debts. Depending on the response it may be possible to push for administration.
  2. This is a season where I have given up trying to second guess. Every game is hard and your head tells you things like Bolton away nobody wins there except the top teams ( take that back to when we played them not now ) Liverpool we will get murdered by them, then you start to get confident and say Villa away they had not won for a few games and were not scoring and then look what happened. The way I am looking currently is if we can sneak 2 more wins in the next 4 games at half way we will have 25 points needing just 15 in the last half of the season. Wins against Bolton, Wolves,  Wigan, Villa at home and Blackburn away would secure our future. In my dreams if we could beat Everton, Wolves, Tottenham ( hope they will have to much turkey ) Fulham and then QPR we will be only 4 points from safety. In the real world however I would happily trade now a defeat to Everton for a win against Wolves and a defeat to Spurs for a win against Fulham.    
  3. [quote user="BW"]Sorry i didn''t see this reply yes sure a bet for charity Which charity how about one improving youth activities in Norwich? A score for charity? With me believing the team line will start the same as last week bar injuries? With you believing there will be atleast one change?[/quote] Yep we are on then   Give Peas a chance could you judge please and maybe even £20 can be sent via you to forward to charity ?.
  4. [quote user="Mowgli and Bear"]Lambert firstly won''t drop any of the strikers we will have both up front against everton. I agree with the comment about Whitbread i think it was just a bit of rustyness as he been out for a while and i still believe he is better than barnett. Same lineup next week i think.[/quote] As you claim to know Lambert so well that he listens to you you clearly know what the team is already. Even faced with these odds stacked against me are you prepared to have a bet for charity as to wether or not there will be any changes ?
  5. [quote user="Mowgli and Bear"]They were all dropped i think you will find[/quote] You are stating they were dropped because they are not good and definitely were not rested or left out because others suited a system change. So going on your theory if we go back to 1 upfront away to Everton and that 1 is Morison that means Holt is dropped because he is not good enough ??? and following it through if Holt is upfront on his own Morison who is scoring in most games currently is also c**p ????. As you feel players Lambert himself has signed are all rubbish then maybe you should make the statements you have made on here directly to him and see if he laughs or not. I think you will find that we have a group of players that are all of similar ability and Lambert gets the absoloute top out of any of them via systems and team play.  
  6. This is now the 5th or 6th get Morison out of this club thread you have started. You are only picking the stats you want to see. Why not mention that Holt is only managing a shot every 54 minutes ? or in his last 5 games Morison has scored 4 goals in what you clearly think is a struggling team. You also forget to mention that when Holt has started ( 5 games ) we have managed 2 points. And please dont twist my words and say I said Holt is no good because I have not. Clearly you are getting left in the past. I suspect come possibly January but certainly the summer we will be fighting off some multi million pound premiership offers for Morison. There are a number of people like yourself that seem intent on getting Morison out of this club to give Holt a game. If Morison starts playing bad he will be dropped. However I would suggest that if he is dropped after Vaughan is fit you still may not get your wish and then what ? lets get Vaughan out of the club ?. Lambert picks the team and to date he has done a pretty good job of getting the right players on the pitch at the right time. To me staying in the Premiership is far more important than Holt winning the Barry Butler memorial trophy for a third successive year.  This thread is not a praise Holt thread it is a slate Morison one.
  7. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]With our recent cup record and general atitude towards cup games, if this game costs more than £10 for adults and £5 for all concessions then they''ll be something very wrong![/quote] This is an FA cup game so Burnley would also have to agree to this
  8. [quote user="Bryangunnshairline"]Hit the nail on the head there. That 4231 has only happened once against swansea the rest of the time its been 451. As for grant Holt, he has not left our club like hucks had at the time roeder made them comments. you clearly don''t rate Holt at this level. it was not long ago that we did not even have a single striker on our books that was ours. to completely dismiss what Holt has done for our club is shocking. I would except the dismissal of Holt IF he was not good enough at this level, he clearly is and to not play too strikers at home against teams around us is madness. the problem Lambert has is some of the rest of the team are not good enough. morison has performed excellently so far but is far from the complete player. very strong and quick. one of the best headers of the ball I''ve seen but his first touch can be poor and I''ve yet to see him testing the keeper with quality shots. a lot of that has something to do with him playing on his own and I know I''m being ultra critical but you are of Holt. Holt is not the same player and.has his faults aswell but both together could.be a real handfuli think. its the rest of the team I worry about. Holt is.our captain and yes our talisman and should be.starting.with big Steve on.Saturday[/quote] Who has said that about Holt ? I and others are challengeing why people want Morison dropped and in some instances out of the club ? Please could you name me any other premiership teams fans and include all teams, that would be suggesting their centre forward should be dropped or is not good enough after scoring 4 goals in 5 games ? People are dont forget because of Newcastles centre half situation suggesting Holt could start on Saturday with Morison.
  9. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="Lambert is King"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] [quote user="Clint"]This looks remarkably similar to a post I started a few threads down, why the new one Bly? [/quote] Your thread started and finished yesterday Clint. I don''t look at the previous days postsunless I initiated them   And you evidently didn''t want Holt to start.   Holt starting instead of Morison is actually my priority out of my three.   Chalk and cheese, I think they say.   But still, one love.   OTBC   [/quote] If I was Morison I would get out of this club as soon as the first of many offers comes in January. That is not to shoot Holt down in any way so please dont say I said Holt was rubbish ect because I have not. What I have said is Morison should be respected. Do you really think we would be where we are without Morison ?  [/quote]   Yes.   OTBC [/quote] So without twisting my words - remember I have not said Holt is rubbish in any way - what would change with Holt starting now ? He has started 5 games and we have managed the sum total of 2 points from 15. It may possibly work against Newcastle with Morison and Holt up front because of Newcastles current injury circumstances but Holt on his own or with somebody else mmm. Like I said before Morison is clearly never going to be accepted at this club by some. That situation I find unhealthy as in this instance you clearly think the manager does not know what he is doing. Force Morison out and unless it is because Lambert wants him out ie he has signed an even better centre forward then I suggest Lamberts ambitions at this club will be finished.  
  10. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] [quote user="Clint"]This looks remarkably similar to a post I started a few threads down, why the new one Bly? [/quote] Your thread started and finished yesterday Clint. I don''t look at the previous days postsunless I initiated them   And you evidently didn''t want Holt to start.   Holt starting instead of Morison is actually my priority out of my three.   Chalk and cheese, I think they say.   But still, one love.   OTBC   [/quote] If I was Morison I would get out of this club as soon as the first of many offers comes in January. That is not to shoot Holt down in any way so please dont say I said Holt was rubbish ect because I have not. What I have said is Morison should be respected. Do you really think we would be where we are without Morison ? 
  11. I dont see any room for complaint. If as they will be next year Man City were a category 1 academy ( even if we were as well ) the fee would have been but a few thousand pounds.
  12. As much as I dislike Colin and personally disagree with him on this occassion I would like to point out thatin the threads concerning yesterdays match the majority of you were also saying we were not good enough and got out of jail - lol.
  13. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]We have to win so: Ruddy Naughton R Martin Barnett Tierney Johnson Fox Bennett Pilkington Hoolahan Morison[/quote] I know Lambert often delivers a surprise but I would be surprised if he does not return to this starting 11. We started with this team for 6 consequtive games and won 3 drew 2 and lost 1 ( Man U ). The last 2 games we changed things and lost both.
  14. [quote user="mrs miggins"] so you playing one centre midfielder infront of another?   the reason why i chose holt and jackson instead of jackson is because I feel they will be more effective [/quote] Yes I agree 100 % how dare Morison only score 3 in 3 needs to be punished for not at least scoring 2 goals a game. Are there any other fans that had a striker scoring like this that would be calling him ineffective and suggesting he should be dropped ?  
  15. [quote user="mrs miggins"]                                  ruddy    naughton        martin        barnett       tierney                                  fox            crofts                                    pilks                                 wes                jackson                  holt [/quote] I am really curious as to why you would drop Morison to play Holt ? or Jackson ? 
  16. Although I do not agree with Wiz that Morison is looking for a move I do think that possibly Jan but more likely end of season we will if we wish to keep him have to fight off some big bids.
  17. I have not seen many threads recently that dont get a mention of we must return to 442 as we score more goals this way and we need to be positive and win. The facts dont actually match this. Our results starting 1 upfront have been Boloton 1 Nor 2 Nor 2 Sunderland 1 Man U 2 Nor 0 Norw 3 Swansea 1 Liverpool 1 Nor 1 Nor 3 Blackburn 3 Nor 1 Arsenal 2 Won 3 Drawn 2 lost 2 - scored 12 Starting with 2 upfront Wigan 1 Nor 1 Nor 1 Stoke 1 Nor 0 MK Dons 4 Chelsea 3 Nor 1 Nor 0 WBA 1 Villa 3 Nor 2 Won 0 Drawn 2 lost 4 - scored 5 I appreciate against Liverpool we switched to 2 up front and got a point and the Blackburn game we threw forwards on like they were going out of fashion but why do people want to start with a system that has had little success to date.
  18. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] [quote user="Mister Chops"]Lies, damn lies and statistics. [/quote]   [|-)]   Stats have their place, but they''re far from the bible, so to speak.   Lambert may claim to the effect that he ignores the stats - but you can bet yer boots that all of his staff don''t.   OTBC     [/quote] Lol you probably could not have highlighted something worse on behalf of Holt. This also tells you he has been on the pitch 588 minutes and in that time has only had 10 shots one every 58+ minutes. 
  19. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]So which of the successful clubs play with 2 up front? Where have our wins come from this season, 1 or 2 up front?[/quote] See my previous post Start with 2 up front no wins 2 draws and 4 losses Start with 1 up front 3 wins 2 draws and 2 losses With starting 2 up front we scored 5 conceded 13 with one up front scored 12 conceded 11
  20. Could it be because when we played 2 upfront these were our results Wigan 1 Norwich 1 Norwich 1 Stoke 1 Norwich 0 MK Dons 4 Chelsea 3 Norwich 1 Norwich 0 WBA 1 Aston Villa 3 Norwich 2 And when we started with 1 up front Bolton 1 Norwich 2 Norwich 2 Sunderland 1 Man Utd 2 Norwich 0 Norwich 3 Swansea 1 Liverpool 1 Norwich 1 Norwich 3 Blackburn 3 Norwich 1 Arsenal 2 On;y a theory OP but maybe the reason is because Lambert does not like to lose every week ?  
  21. [quote user="Wooftie"]We''ve always only really pressed, especially big teams in our own half. They can pass it about the back four all they like, they can''t hurt us from there. Only if we''re chasing the game and we need the ball back is it necessary to expend all our energy chasing shadows. Especially against Arsenal, they should be able to keep the ball all day in the back four if only one or two people press. If any more press we leave ourselves open to men off the ball to run into space. At the end of the day, we''ve lost by one goal to an Arsenal side who have won their last 5 league games on the trot. It''s not as if we were battered and it should have been five or six. Pressing all their back four would have been suicide. I would like to see Holt starting again, I thought aside from our goal, Morison didn''t have the best of games. He had a few too many poor touches in good attacking positions for me. But how can you drop a guy who has been scoring plenty of goals? That''s the problem Lambert has now.[/quote] Why do you think Lambert has a problem his description of Morison today was a top top player was he lieing to us ? We have yet to win a premier league game when Holt starts ? Strange really when Morison was outstanding and not scoring people were moaning because he does not score. Now he scores the rest of his game is not good. Come Jan I suspect we will be looking at big bids for Morison. Dont force the guy out.  
  22. Manchester City have just announced a loss of £194.9 million pounds. Just think how this sort of money could have benefited lower league clubs some of whom will enevitably go under at some time.
  23. Although I agree in principle with this post I dont really think our club should be complaining to much as we at away games think its perfectly acceptable and complain at the home side fans objecting to Norwich fans buying tickets in home areas
  24. [quote user="Barnett is King"]If we''re talking about De Laet''s ''mistakes'', what about Barnett? Both of Bent''s two goals today his positioning was poor, the back pass, the Stoke Penalty, etc. [/quote] I agree and unfortunately for Barnett Lambert sticks to his principles in these situations and you are given a rest. De Laet made a couple of mistakes but I would say most were surprised when he was dropped as the rest of his game seemed good and fast. Looks like you may need a change of user name soon  
  25. Here are some facts that may change your mind. Holt today did not have one shot  and has only managed 9 all season When Holt has started we have D D L L L  Holt has committed 28 fouls and been given 7 Lucky not to get a red card today I am not getting at Holt I just do not understand why people want Morison out - the only reason I can think of is he dared to take Holts place and to date has given Lambert no reason to drop him. I fear this love affair thing with Holt will be the undoing of our club. 
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