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  1. Ever felt shafted by your teams manager just when everything seemed to be going so well ? Just watch his smug facially expressionless interview on SSN, then detect that little glimmer in the eye that says I know something you don''t and I''m alright Jack. Seen it before somewhere.
  2. Fair play to you guys. Lambert has got you going for the jugular pressing on for 2 and 3 goal wins whereas Hoofroyd sits back on a 1-0 lead with many recent unhappy results. As regards Millwall it is rumoured that several hundred would make the journey even without tickets, as its Bank Holiday, and as you point out with our disastrous recent form we would not fill the seats anyway. In fact some might have stayed away because its Millwall. Anyway Essex Old Bill don''t want ticketless Wall fans spending the afternoon visiting Colchester Castle or other such tourist attractions preferring to keep an eye on them in the ground. The only thing that might put them off is that there are no trains.      
  3. Col U have given Millwall 1,100 extra tickets on police advice. You lot must be just too nice to Old Bill.
  4. Southend have one owner, Ron Martin a property developer, who set his heart on making a mint out of Roots Hall and moving to a new ground at Fossets Farm. His companies own RH and he got the money to pay the £2.1m from Sainsbury''s as an advance on RH where they will build a store. There is a covenant on RH that the supermarket cannot be built until the new stadium is open. RM held back £200k to HMRC because he said there was a calc error by HMRC- basically he was 200k short. Meanwhile the players haven''t been paid since last year (PFA helping out a bit). He has alledgedly been spending all the income from Eastwood, Man Utd, Chelsea, Barnard etc on planning his nest egg of FF of which he owns the land too. He cannot take them into admin because he will be the main loser. Cut to the court case last week and HMRC poured scorn on his wrong calc claim and then after labelling them ''clearly insolvent'' and ''a serial defaulter'' were only the knock of a gable from liquidating them. HMRC then demanded payments that will become due in April to be added on their next court date amounting to £410k otherwise it is curtains. Even then if they pay that they have no assets, any assets used come from RM''s companies and have been swallowed up in planning etc. So who is to say that they will be able to save themselves next time the tax is due. Also in the court they said they would be able to pay as they will get £180k from ST sales in March for next season. Unlike Norwich where next seasons ST money is in the bank do they really expect Southend fans to stump up £500 to a club that could be liquidated? The lastest yesterday was that a consortium offered RM ''7 to 8 figures'' for his club. He declined preferring to sweat it out and realise his nest egg (the RH and FF developments) for retirement. There is a real, real chance they could be liquidated.
  5. I think you are right in that they would always reduce relegation, which in a way is wrong as it benefits a club that is struggling rather than a club that has had a good season but finished 3rd. In this instance it doesn''t matter to the Prem as Pompey will get relegated anyway but should for instance, as it stands, Reading, Gillingham and Grimsby be saved by default? The top of the CCC won''t be affected as there will still be three places to fill as usual to the Prem but on the basis that we are sold that the play-offs add spice to the season then promoting an extra side and extending the play-off places by one extra position. Extra incentive for mid table Div 3, 4 and Conference clubs. The Conference are going to have asimialr problem with Chester. Locally Kings Lynn''s demise means that our local non-League side Wivenhoe Town can escape relegation, (albeit they are crap with just 5 points I think), from Ridgeons Prem.
  6. [quote user="canarycol"]I can remember going to a  Burnley v coventry game in the 70''s when they had  their old  terracing it must have been old  because most of the game  the burnley fans was breaking  lumps of concrete off their own terraces and  was  throwing them at the coventry fans, crazy times  they  was how  someone  was not  seriously  injured  I will never  know condolences  to the mans  family from  true football fans of all clubs [/quote] Remember Hudds fans throwing lumps of their old Leeds Road terrace at us in the 80''s. What about the ManUre fan that fell through the old Barclays roof (74-5 Div 2 was it?).    
  7. They couldn''t handle it that there was a civilised debate going on.
  8. Its a pity that thread got ''lost''. It was a decent debate. The bit some of you keep missing is in 20.3.........any permission (to speak) must set out any conditions attaching to it... RC has said all along that it was subject to agreeing a compensation package. As this is the third time it has happened it is not feasible that RC didn''t put in writing ''any conditions attaching to permission to speak''. Unfortunately Messrs Lambert, McNally and Bowkett creamed their jeans too early and fell foul of 20.3. 20.1 ''most probably'' would have been breached because who else makes an appointment without interview? 20.2 ''most probably'' PL and/or McN tipped a wink at Culvers and Karsa. Won''t be points because it will disrupt the play offs - but a compo figure in the middle of the ''want'' and the ''offer'' and a slap for City from the FL.    
  9. Maybe City''s lawyer hadn''t seen Reg 20 before and he''s torn a strip off of Mr McNally and Bowkett for dropping him in a no-win case.
  10. [quote user="Lambert is King"]Same as last game around 3600. Hope you are well Magnificent - however is your increase as an average down to the two gates against Norwich and Leeds? and that is a genuine question not trying to catch you out. Also how much do you pay for adult season tickets in your version of the Barclay? Just want to get an idea so I can get an idea of league 1 prices.[/quote] No cos Nodge and Leeds this season = 18,600, Southend and Leeds last =18,300 £18 behind goal on the day - 2 matches ''free'' with a ST - you do the maths Gotta go - match to go to.      
  11. Those guesses are probably not far off the mark. We have NEVER claimed to have a large fan base - only to be trying to build one. The stats show we have a 15% increase on last season.
  12. you are still not getting it are you. Fair play to City for playing so consistently well that you can sell more than the home capacity. BUT as far as I can recollect you are the only club in the League that shrinks its away end if it can. Others can increase on demand but everyone else has a fixed away end. Yours is listed in handbooks and websites as about 1,800. So there is no reason, in all probability, for any visiting fan in this Division to expect not to get in to a match that is not all-ticket for away fans. Some of you have recognised that your ticket office AND the visiting club have a duty to disclose the possibility of shrinking the away end whilst the usual few continue on their ''we shouldn''t be in this Division with the oiks'' high horse. Its clear that you have to make the away end all-ticket for all remaining games offering incremental pay-up-front capacities to the visiting club.  
  13. Quiz question: How many clubs in the League sell seats to home fans in the listed (by capacity - in handbooks and web sites) away end?                  
  14. Sounds like somebodies collecting for a future ticket ballot to me !!!!!
  15. [quote user="Lambert is King"][quote user="Magnificent Seven"]and only about 60 franchisees too.[/quote] Hi Magnificent - did the 60 sit in the home end or the away end? By the way good signing Prutton - are Leeds mad - loaning a quality player to a promotion rival.[/quote] No they sat huddled at the top of teh central block with 30 stewards as company. Prutton was class when he came on and scored a 25 yarder within 2 minutes. Showed how inept our spine was against City. You''ll be wanting a favour this Saturday I presume !!!!
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