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  1. I don''t actually think Col U fans want a points deduction. We would of course laugh like mad if it happened...... but it won''t
  2. 1) I support his stance 100% although not the comments about seats (although I agree you shouldn''t of had any more)2) No points deduction, large fine3) I would give you a large fine and then have all the points taken off you from when you obtained Lambert until you paid for Lambert (and the backroom staff)I disagree with the idea about points deductions never being given because it hurts the fans, my argument is that the fans have gained by the transgressions that the points deductions are issued for. i.e. ending up in administration due to spending money that isn''t there chasing the dream (the fans gain from the big name players, the wins that wouldn''t have happened, the promotions etc etc) Teams gain an unfair advantage by risking it all and if it goes wrong then, well, they have to pay the price.Still hate teams going to the wall though whoever they are.And, as a side note I don''t care what team people support as long as it''s a) their local team b) any other team they have a proper link to (not that they watch them on tv)P.S. first visit back since the drubbing so well done on you result at ours :)
  3. "What is good though is that at least Boothy isn''t getting involved in stupid pre-match hype like his idiot chairman."
  4. And I like others have always liked Norwich City, or more to the point have never had anything against you.I don''t we see this as a derby either, spiced up grudge match this time for all the previously posted reasons but not a derby
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]at the end of the Day colchester have won.. because whoever has bought a ticket for the home end has given colchester money.. not Norwich... and im sure the ones gobbing off would sooner not see them get a penny.. its all very hypocritical and childish now. from both parties.[/quote]isn''t it justI prefer more football based posting
  6. All supporters tend to get behind their club/manager/players on opening day, home or away"Of course they did, not a good idea to be shouting " Gunny is a banker" on opening day.anyway, we are talking Home fans."So it would be a good idea for the away fans to do it then would it ?your argument holds no water Nexus
  7. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"][quote user="Lambert is King"]I heard on the radio this morning that Colchester supporters did not actually take to Lambert and did not like him. I thought I had mis heard until I saw this comment in the Colchester evening news. Yes Mr Cowling I agree paul Lambert did do a great job during his management stint for the U''s, and Maybe he could have left with a little more feeling, but as I remember he had to endure some quite unkind remarks from some sections of the "so called" U''s supporters. So who can blame him for taking the chance to advance his career at Norwich. ''Now'' I see that those same whingers are starting on our new manager Mr A. Boothroyd. So thats a turnup for the books and explains a little more.[/quote]So thats why pre kick off at Carrow the Colwho fans were all chantingLambert gis a wave&Theres only 1 Paul Lambert That shows hatred if your traveling support are chanting you name.Next time try putting 10 sugars in your tea cos evidently something just tastes bitter.[/quote]And a lot of your fans shouted support for Gunn, before the game
  8. Cheers Nuff Said,I''m sure every club has a manager that somebody will dislike for some reason or other. This usually shows itself after a few bad games/results. On the whole I think most are happy with Aidy and the style he now plays.The only criticism I have heard was when we went long ball early in his reign, we would go 1-0 up and then change defensive and tried to just defend, we couldn''t. We have dropped a lot of points so far doing that and the moan was no plan ''B'' after Hoof. Now he has had the players a while and added some of his own to some of Volderberts good signings we have been playing fast flowing football ON THE GROUND and everybody knows we can change to the battling high stuff if we need to. Nice to have a mix. Laugh a minute with the Hoof shout from oposition fans when a defensive clearance is made under pressure, not sure what they think should of happened.
  9. I never liked Lambert and I know a few others the same.I haven''t heard anything about Aidy other than at the start when we played Hoof ball while he learn''t about the players he inherited. I''ve not heard anybody slag him off though.
  10. I feel we are rivals at the moment, we must be due to being in the same division and both pushing to get promoted. I don''t see it as a Derby. I think most people are just calling it that due to the geographical location of the clubs.
  11. The Aldeshot lads were arses that day The helicopter landing was great although i thought we were all going to get blown to the back of the Barside!!! We always have concessions for the military and close ties. They like to do the band bit at the bigger games as it''s a good way of getting seen, shouldnt think theres any alteria motive for it this time either. I''ll stop any chanting etc to applaud them
  12. I don''t won''t to get in to the my club your club thing but yes, we (Colchester) will be shutting Boxted road that runs near the ground, it''s the road that anyone walking towards the station etc will come out on to after the match.Once the A12 junction has been completed this section is supposed to be upgraded apparently to be a lot better for supporters to leave onThe clubs should always worry about their supporters safety (although I don''t know how often they do)
  13. [quote user="Yellow Submarine"]Discovered some interesting facts on Mr Cowling! He is the 9th Richest man (boy) in East Anglia [:$] , worth around 100 million due to an online employment company, He''s a fanatical West Ham fan and once spent 50k on a fleet of 62 coaches to ferry Hammer fans to Sunderland for an FA cup tie, when he took over three years he hiked a lot of prices and the Colchester fans revolted.... Pity he wasn''t as generous to Colchester Fans like he is to his faithful hammers! [:)] [/quote]I think all but the last part were covered in the ''who owns Col Utd'' or whatever threadyep, the prices were raised, they tried to raise the prices as if we had all been paying the higher Layer Road seating prices + a bit for the new season. As a lot of us stood at layer road and don''t like having to sit we were being asked to pay the difference from standing to sitting at layer road + bit extra on top, that was a fair size jump for us but not for the ones who had been sitting all the time. That was the argument about the prices.
  14. [quote user="UEAstudent"]Is he not just responding to Delia''s claims that she would do anything to put it right. Anything but pick up the phone it seems. I don''t understand all the issues (I doubt any of us do) but if we go to a tribunal and get docked points we might all feel a bit stupid.[/quote]stop being sensible! you''ll give both sets of keyboard warriors a bad name!!!!!For the record I don''t expect any points docked.
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