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  1. In what case he needs to stop mugging off the best fans in the country, wasting our passion and money, and put that fool Hughton out of his misery. I don''t care what he says, not every player in that dressing room is playing for Hughton and his tactics. And certainly not every fan is cheering for Hughton and his tactics. Get him out of our club before he relegates us and makes a fool of you.
  2. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="Yobocop"]Are these the same fans who think it''s hilarious to call our manager ''coco'' Whilst I know it''s only the minority these fans should be ashamed of themselves... It was a fantastic atmosphere v man city, this definitely needs to be repeated[/quote] No shame here..........Hughton IS a clown. [/quote] Sure is. And he''s making McNally and the board look like clowns too.
  3. [quote user="grefstad"]So, McNally said in his recent BBC interview that NCFC were very close to making a big (loan) signing from a big club, a number 10 type of player. Deal fell through because it was dependant on things happening inbound at the club, which did not happen. I wonder who this player may have been.[/quote] Rodwell
  4. [quote user="splutcho"]It absolutely was not a blatant criticism of Hughton at all.[/quote] Quite. If anything he was making the point that the fans aren''t always right.
  5. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="dean"]Wouldn''t expect anything less from that rag. I''m not a Hughton fan. But McNally''s interview really didn''t need that conclusion drawing from it.[/quote]Well said dean. That is the trouble with talking to the press. They will twist it any way they want to to get a reaction. [/quote] The national press certainly will. The local press wouldn''t as they need the relationship with the club. It''s like biting the hand that feeds you. But do the Daily Mail need a long term relationship with our club? Of course they don''t. Hence that rubbish. Plus is a story about a Chief Exec expecting results from a Manager really news or surprising. It''s self explanatory.
  6. Wouldn''t expect anything less from that rag. I''m not a Hughton fan. But McNally''s interview really didn''t need that conclusion drawing from it.
  7. McNally is a shrewd interviewee. But from his answers you can clearly hear that he wasn''t happy with the style of football earlier in the season and felt we weren''t creating enough. I think it''s realistic to believe that Hughton did indeed face a must win game(s) as far as his job goes. But on the flip side you get the impression that McNally isn''t certain that there is a better candidate out there. Whilst the results aren''t right McNally is clearly happier with the style of football of late. As such there''s no doubt in my mind that he''s going to give Hughton until the end of the season to get the results to accompany that style of football. A style which I personally believe is far too negative. Eg the stupid substitutions and resulting points loss at Upton Park. Stick or twist time. Personally I''d twist.
  8. But in reality Hughton will spend the week talking up Villa, set us up to get a point, and we then lose two or three nil to a much more hungry Lambert. Hughton will then spend the days after the game talking about how we need to start picking up points and strikers need to start taking the one or two chances that his negative tactics permit per match.
  9. Also, Vanwink - I''m pretty sure scummers want Hughton to remain as Manager. Because he''s 5h1te is taking us back into their realm.
  10. You really have to laugh when some our fans refer to fans deciding to voice their distain (and largely only online, rather than in the ground - which im amazed by given the rubbish being served up tactically)towards our useless manager as "destabilising our club" . The one person destabilising the club more than anyone is is calamity Chris. His negativity is breeding negativity. On the pitch and in the stands. He is taking this club back down. Wake up some of you.
  11. [quote user="swjf50"]Does anyone know the reason why Redmond was substituted on Tuesday ? Was he carrying a knock or was he tiring? I didn''t notice if he was. It seemed strange that our best attacking player, the one who carried the most threat, was taken off. Pilkington came on which I have no complaints about but he should have replaced Snodgrass who wasn''t as effective. Also what was the use of bringing Elmander on, as I really can''t see what he adds to the team. He doesn''t have pace and rarely scores. Out of all the players Hughton has brought in, he is the one I am disappointed about the most. I hope he proves me wrong in the remaining games. If we are going to change things around in the final half an hour of a game, I''d say that''s the ideal time to bring on Wes, as he is different from the other players we have and he can create something out of nothing. That''s my opinion, what are yours?[/quote] Snodgrass should be played (if at all - personally I wouldn''t start him) behind the front one or two. I''d rather Wes start there though. Pilks one wing, Redmond the other. Elmander should be nowhere near the stadium on match day. He''s a cart horse who is better off carrying small children up and down Yarmouth sea front. Johnson should be benched, Fer and Tettey in the centre. Lastly of all, Chris Hughton is a clueless fool and is going to relegate our club.
  12. [quote user="splutcho"]Jesus, grow up.[/quote] I''m so sorry for wasting your time with my immaturity. It can''t have been at all obvious what this post referred to from the title. No wonder you had to click on it and comment. Not like there would anyone on here interested in it either, hey!? Muppet.
  13. Someone may have mentioned this before. I can''t be bothered to check. But I noticed a Hughton Out facebook page, which I, of course, liked - which has nearly 800 likes. Won''t make a jot of difference. But may give folks on here a different place to additionally, let off some steam. Without his fan club shouting you down every time. https://www.facebook.com/HughtonOut
  14. Did you write that on the team bus Chris? Oops, I mean LDC
  15. The penalty he stole from RVW could be very costly indeed. As much so as his awful form this season. That free kick against West Ham has been by far the best it has got for him. The right wing just doesn''t work for him, but I''d be interested to see him playing behind the front player(s). He could possibly be creative there. Although probably not more so than Wes.
  16. I''m just saying I''m not the only one with that perception. I certainly wouldn''t do what they are. As much as I dislike Hughton I want to be there to cheer the players on. But I understand what they are doing and certainly don''t think they''re fairweather for it. With regards to will it make a difference!? He''ll no. Not unless 15,000 do the same. I wouldn''t be without my season ticket that''s for sure.
  17. . You''ve been called out on another thread tonight for your judgements on who is and isnt a fan. Thus I''m not the first to mention this. Perhaps you should have a think about how you come across. If a fan chooses not to renew because they are so sick of Hughton, his tactics, the hierachy''s inability to see that this guy is wasting our Premier League opportunity then I don''t see that makes them fair weather at all. It''s not about being unsuccessful and going to watch a Manchester club instead, it''s about making a principled stand against such crap negative football until something is done and he is sacked. I''m not referring to myself. I work offshore but will still be renewing. But a couple of my friends aren''t renewing for the above described reasons and I think they''re perfectly justified in doing so. How else are you meant to protest? The club don''t give a damn about fans'' opinions unless it hurts them financially.
  18. [quote user="morty"]I have renewed.Mainly because I''m not a fairweather fan.[/quote] This is a pretty shameful comment. If someone chooses to show their disgust against the manager and/or the board by not renewing then that is their decision and it certainly doesn''t make them a fair weather fan. Just because they are not in the ground it doesn''t mean that they aren''t supporting the team. They just don''t want to show their support for the decisions of the hierarchy. I imagine your type thinks your more of a fan than anyone else just because you have a season ticket.
  19. [quote user="Beefy is a legend"]uote user="dean"]quote user="Beefy is a legend"I''m fairly sure it was Chris Hootun in the West Ham goal saving the one v one''s for Hooper and Snodgrass. The last three games are actually, in my view, the best we''ve played all season. We must take our chances but I''m sorry, I can''t blame the manager for tonight''s result I thought we controlled most of the game and certainly had the best chances./quote Unreal./quote I can see you''ve not been posting on here much Dean, so let me just explain the way it works. If you disagree with something, you might want to explain why you disagree.[/quote] Hi Beefy. I see you''ve been posting on here too much. You sarcastic prick. With that said, my comment of "unreal" was written as I find it unreal that some fans put up such a staunch defence of Hughton. Of course the players have to deliver on the pitch, but it his he who is meant to motivate them and it is he who dictates the tactics. It is also unreal that some fans cannot see that we are on a downward spiral and have been for over a year now. Every now and then he manages to motivate that team to get a results that seemingly saves his job, but why not every week!? The players have to take blame, but it is Chris Hughton who will relegate this club. And it''s unreal no one above him is taking action to stop it.
  20. If fans want Hughton gone then banners and chants are the only way this board will see how unpopular calamity Chris is. If indeed the hatred on here also has a consensus at the ground.
  21. [quote user="mrs miggins"]we''re not sleepwalking to relegation[/quote] Will change your tune (or probably not) after a home defeat to Spurs and then a loss to Lambert.
  22. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]but we arent.... and until we are should we be worried?[/quote] Blind man of the Barclay pipes up again.
  23. [quote user="lake district canary"]Good team set up excellent teamwork for most of the matchGood chances - strikers should have scored and won the matchPoor substitutions handed initiative to West HamI won''t shout for Hughton''s head, but that is my view of it. [/quote] Chris Hughton yet again cost us this game. It''s a travesty he''s still in his job. It''s a travesty that so many fans on here continue to overlook that he is the bottom line of why we will be relegated.
  24. [quote user="Beefy is a legend"]I''m fairly sure it was Chris Hootun in the West Ham goal saving the one v one''s for Hooper and Snodgrass. The last three games are actually, in my view, the best we''ve played all season. We must take our chances but I''m sorry, I can''t blame the manager for tonight''s result I thought we controlled most of the game and certainly had the best chances.[/quote] Unreal.
  25. No. This is one of our more win-able games. Hughton has to set the team up to attack them.
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