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  1. Equally as worrying is that some (alleged) fans of our club continue to support him. And we are not talking giving him backing solely because he is our Manager and it''s all very loyal to do so. We are genuinely talking complete blind faith in someone who has or so long been evidently not the man for the job. And clearly the board feel the same way. It''s like being stuck in a comatose body and not being able to scream out whilst behind the eyes you witness your life support machine being turned off.
  2. If we stay up Lakey boy then it is solely because Fulham, Cardiff and Sunderland have saved Hughton''s blushes. All three will have gambled with their Managers and lost, so perhaps McNally would be vindicated. But albeit by default. If we stay up it is solely going to be by luck. Hughhton needs to go at the end of the season, regardless.
  3. Hey Lakey, what will it take for YOU to accept that you''ve not only been wrong about Chris Hughton, but you''ve made yourself look a fool with your obsessive One Direction-style child fan adoration of the guy? "There is no reason to suppose he couldn''t do it again for a third season"!? What? Bore the 5hite out of true fans? Waste the potential of any player with any sign of attacking ability? Continually deploy negative tactics that see us beaten from the moment we get on the pitch? Yep, I''m sure he could do all that for a third year running. Only this time we''ll be back playing at Portaloo Road. He''d probably even take us there and look for us to hold out for a 0.0. Time for Hughton to fu(k right off. And time for you to do the same with your obsessive love of Clueless.
  4. Lakey boy is still a big Hughton fan. Despite not being able to watch this 5hite he still won''t hold his mate Chris accountable.
  5. Let''s face it; we deserve to be relegated this season. It''s been a largely woeful season. It''s time to take whatever is coming to us and get rid of Chris Hughton. Those defending him on here need to see once and for all that his game is up and it''s time to move on. Sadly we look like we''ll be doing so in the league below. That is likely to mean one thing - no Lennon (who I don''t rate anyway), no tempting Rosler, no tempting many decent managers, I bet we''ll give Malky a call. But even with his defensive mindset at least he''d give these players (or those that are left) a good kick up the ar5e. And at least he''d have more about him that Hughton.
  6. And an April Fool to you too LDC. The ultimate of ultimate April Fools will be continuing to take this club further downwards over the course of the whole month, and he of course is called Chris Hughton.
  7. [quote user="KeepTheFaith"]So I am a troll because my view of things is different from yours . No debate the ? The outers have lost but fortunately that means that the majority of supporters and NCFC have won. The only thing that matters for a team with our limited resource , for. PL team, is staying up. That means weak on weak Carrow road will be full to the brim. The only thing that matters is the PL table and we are sitting ok. The majority of supporters are realists and are not represented here, not even by me.[/quote] At least many of the outers can spell.
  8. I think the league will play out like this: Hull (37) West Brom (36) Palace (35) Sunderland (35) ----------------- Norwich (34) Cardiff (30) Fulham (29) I''ve based that on us drawing with West Brom and Arsenal and losing the rest, including at Fulham. Sunderland have two home games against Brom and Swansea at the end. I think that could save them. Hull are interesting. They have tough games coming up. They have a better frontline than ours, but if results don''t go their way against Swansea and Fulham (I think they''ll get 4 points from those two) then they could easily take the third relegation place. I think Jelavic and Long will see them over the line though. If we don''t beat Brom I can''t see us surviving. Even that win alone may not be enough. We certainly can''t bank on us getting anything at Craven Cottage. Especially given we are even more woeful away than usual. This club is going to pay dearly for not getting rid of Chris Hughton.
  9. To keep trying to gee up the crowd like a cheerleader seems to suggest that the crowd isn''t already doing its job. We are. And credit to us, because there''s not a lot to cheer about with Hughton at the helm. It is unconditional support for the club.
  10. And yet again Lakey you speak as if it is the crowd holding back your mate Chris. You don''t make it to many games so I understand your confusion, but there''s no problem with our fans backing the team on a match day. Complaints on here about useless Chris don''t equate to lack of support for the TEAM you naive naive man.
  11. Lakey still harping on about the Spurs game. In Chris Hughton youre backing a three legged horse Lakey and the Grand National is coming up.
  12. We miss Fer badly. Tettey is inconsistent. Johnson consistently poor (average at best). Wingers who aren''t allowed to attack. Snoddy to slow to attack and can''t cross the ball. Wes is a lightweight luxury in most games in this league. We need big changes this summer. But I don''t believe Hughton should be allowed to make them.
  13. 99% of the time Chris Hughton couldn''t get more defensive if he tried. There in lies much of the problem. Particularly when he suppresses and demotivates a squad, that like most football teams, wants to win games. Swansea and their approach, Southampton, countless others are everything that he and his coaching set up are not n He is a back to the wall kind of guy and it has sucked the life out of our club for too long now. He is incapable and in the summer he must go. Regardless of whether he scrapes us up or not.
  14. Money down on an away win. They have more goals in them than us. We''ll start with RVW and Elmander. Point made.
  15. You''re forgetting the win against Spurs and the draw against Man City...... What about the ten game run..... Eight points off tenth. Hughton is tactically a great manager, a real motivator, exactly the man we need for the fight ahead. Oh, and a real nice guy. A gentleman. PLEASE don''t be nasty to him. PLEASE. I''ll cry.
  16. [quote user="Le Juge"]"Lakey - how you going to spin this one!? Only 8 points off 10th!? Can''t wait to hear your morale raising guff" That''s easy, he will just say that apart from our first 7 away games, and our last 6 away games, we have been excellent away from home. Because that''s what he said a few days ago (replace 6 with 5). [/quote] Yep. Yet more reminders of our one off performance against Spurs. "6 points above the drop zone". I really pity people who are happy watching this dross. It''s gone on long enough. This summer he has to be sacked.
  17. Lakey - how you going to spin this one!? Only 8 points off 10th!? Can''t wait to hear your morale raising guff.
  18. RVW gets more shocking with every game. The Portuguese league must really be an abysmal standard.
  19. If one of the bottom three hits form we are down. Out of the three I think only Fulham are capable of it.
  20. I''d pay him the wages of RVW, Elmander and Becchio. But that probably still wouldn''t be enough. And we aren''t likely to be a big enough draw. But he''d be a great fit.
  21. Looks surplus to requirements at Chelsea and likely to be let go this summer. Did well for West Ham then Newcastle. Good physical presence. High wages, no doubt. But I think could be a good signing for us. Especially if Ricky is offloaded. If Hughton wants to continue to play one up top I think he would be more suited to the role.
  22. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]It doesn''t take a rocket scientist to see that our best games under Hughton have always been where the players are seemingly given more freedom to play instead of the rigid, defensive tactic employed 95% of the time.Matches such as WBA and Man City last season, games like yesterday this season - all games where the players have clearly shown that they''re much more comfortable being given a bit more leeway and room to breath in their style of play.All Hughton needed to do is let them play more like this against the sides nearer the bottom half, and restricting his more defensive approach to when we play the likes of Chelsea etc.My issue with Hughton has never been about the man himself, but the overly defensive, cautious approach to games which seems to strip players of self-confidence and belief, and leaves us looking as bad as Stoke did under Pulis in far too many games.I think there are a number of good alternatives out there, and that Hughton had his chance this season to prove he could play better, more attractive (and effective) football and he''s failed at that - even if he keeps us up in the process, but I simply cannot stomach another season of the turgid dross we''ve seen for the vast majority of the last 2 years...[/quote] ^^^ Sums up how I feel about the guy. Cannot do the right stuff consistently enough to really be our best managerial option.
  23. I''m gutted for you that you''ve made yourself look a mug yet again by starting yet another stupid provocative post.
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