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  1. That rumour about Hughton having an affair with a bloke in the Lake District?
  2. The rumour he was a 5hit manager transpired to be more than a rumour
  3. No secret I don''t really like Hughton as a Manager, but Redmond should certainly be very grateful for the backing that Hughton gave him at Birmingham, and the move to Carrow Road. Perhaps he''s forgotten that though, as Chris continually demotivated him this season. But he should certainly be grateful.
  4. No issue. Just saying I bet it pained him to write it.
  5. Bet he''s crying into his cornflakes. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/468954/Chris-Hughton-given-the-chop-by-Norwich-after-deflating-West-Brom-defeat
  6. "Otherwise that''s it for the season". Like the season wasn''t coming to an obvious conclusion under Hughton? You, LDC, are a massive massive fool. Anyone else other than Hughton in charge at Fulham gives us a better chance of winning that must-win game. Eat your humble pie. Your love affair with Chris Hugthon should be over.
  7. I''ll miss it all. Bar Hughton being in charge.
  8. LDC''s pathetic attempt to about turn regarding his mate Hughton. His morale raising failure lectures on here are based upon us being stuck with him!? Like hell. No one cares that you, like Morty and a few others, have been wrong in backing a dead horse. But what people are bothered about is just how obsessive and irrational your love of Hughton has been. And just how keen you''ve been to ram it down people''s throats.
  9. "What we have to make sure is that this result does not drain the confidence" Errr....there''s not a confident player on that pitch. “We didn’t deserve to win the game. Whether we deserved to lose it, I am not so sure." I''m sure. He just cannot be in charge at Craven Cottage.
  10. It defies belief and logic that he is still in the job.
  11. Is this an April Fool!?!? Nope. LDC is a fool all year round.
  12. It was another McNally publicity stunt. From the small pitiful collection as death is better than relegation, and we have the best fans in the world. It was a nice gesture, sure, but at limited financial cost to the club. And it is certainly the club playing it. Unless indeed the players are - and we saw how p1ssed off they were about it today.
  13. McNally is going to look very foolish indeed, Jas. Like so many today he''s backed a losing horse. That ''best fans in the world'' stuff was desperate. The only way he can save himself from blame is to boot out Hughton before the Fulham game. Even if it was Adams as caretaker - a result at Craven Cottage could (as it may still not be enough) save face for McNally. But he won''t sack Hughton. He believes in him. Absurdly. He must do - as even if there were truth in the being cheaper to sack if in bottom three rumour, paying Hughton off woukd be miles cheaper than the loss of Premier League revenue. On that basis he''s not just thinking finances. He truly believes in Hughton. Much like you did/do, Jas. And others on this board.
  14. And the silence from McNally and the board will be deafening.
  15. You need to get a firm grip of yourself. Start by gripping your neck and bash your head into something solid. Hopefully that will bring you round to the realisation that Chris Hughton WILL relegate our club. And that is not only his fault, but the fault of those above him - who chose to ignore what has been apparent for some time now.
  16. There are no disadvantages to sacking him tonight. But I''m sure the talk of the cheaper to sack in the bottom three clause must be true. There is simply no other reason why he is still in post.
  17. In fairness to everyone in that ground, bar the away end, there''s really not much to cheer about. I was just disappointed that Hughton Out didn''t get the whole crowd going.
  18. Lake District Canary gave Hughton the clap. He''s sucked Clueless off so many times that the thing is red raw.
  19. They''ll tell you there''s all to play for at Craven Cottage. Delaying the inevitable for yet another week.
  20. I, like others, have wanted Hughton gone for a long time now. I could appreciate the viewpoints of the inners, but I never agreed. After today I''d like to think that everyone can now see he is not the man for the job and not the man to lead a team into the fight. Who is agreed that he needs to be gone by our game at Craven Cottage in order to give us even the remotest of fighting chances of staying up? Even if it be just a one-game management change bounce/bubble then it is better than the absolutel inevitability that will be another away loss under Chris Hughton. If he remains in charge we will not get another point, perhaps even goal, this season. He has to go tonight. Has to.
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