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  1. Whilst he should never have stolen that penalty kick, nor should he have abused his own fans, nor should he spend so long whining and sitting on his ass on the turf, it really does have to be Snodgrass. He''s finally shown his ability and his attitude lately has been like a captain (Haddock ;) If he could cut that other cr@p out then he''d be even better.
  2. There''s plenty on here who couldn''t see where he was taking us. Sme are still defending him even now.
  3. [quote user="CanaryOne"]Its called reality and if a few more on here and the Board had seen the reality of where Clueless Chrissy was taking us it could all have been avoided . [/quote] Absolutely right. They should have acted sooner. It was apparent what was coming. It''s too late now. Heart says otherwise but head thinks it is very likely that we don''t get another point. Whilst I hold Hughton accountable for this season I think the boards'' failure to act until too late is worse.
  4. [quote user="Jenkins"]Scumbag[/quote] ?
  5. Our fate is still in our own hands. And we are improving. But that''s clutching at straws somewhat - given the remaining games. Realistically I think Arsenal at home is our only real chance of points. Everton go away to S''Hampton and are home to Man City, so I think Arsenal will have fourth place sewn up come the final day. Chelsea are probably out of the title race now, but I can''t remember us getting anything there since the days Beasant was diving out of the way of Phillips shots. And despite Moyes trying to emulate the Hughton brand of football, have we ever got a result at Old Trafford!? Certainly not in my lifetime. Closest we''ve come from memory was when Bentley was rattling the bar from 30 yards. So, for me, Arsenal is our most likely chance at points. And would three even be enough? The bottom three all look like they have fixtures where they could pick up more than that.
  6. Tettey should have started instead of Johnson.
  7. In terms of who would be snapped up by another top flight club (whether English or European): Ruddy, Fer, Snodgrass, Pilkington, RVW. Possibly even Redmond. In terms of who may want a move, but probably not to the top flight: Hooper, Bassong, Wes (clearly), Olson. .
  8. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Hughton was sacked because he could no longer lead and motivate his own players. Adams is leading and motivating Hughton''s players but from a very low ebb in a very short time. Confidence has to be rebuilt. LDC seems to be a Hughton supporter above anything else, even to the point of despising his successor (as shown in his post on who to replace Adams). Personally, I need to see more of Adams before making a decision as to his longevity but he is here for the last games and I believe isn''t just in it for himself. As I have said elsewhere I dreaded humiliation in these last games, not just relegation. So far we have avoided the former. If I had to listen to ''nice Chris'' giving a post match interview again I was going to scream. My car''s SatNav has a very nice voice and doesn''t say anything controversial or vulgar but, like Hughton, it is predictable and monotonous and has the charisma of a traffic bollard. If it screws up it never gives a satisfactory explanation. Sometimes you have to turn it off and think for yourself. With three games left we have the foundations of hope. Under Hughton we would be simply facing the inexorable.[/quote] Spot on.
  9. Always an enjoyable read, Ricardo. Out of interest - do you make notes about the game as it passes by? I find I''ve forgotten much of what occurred by the time 90mins is up. Particularly when Hughton was in charge - mainly as I slept through large periods of time.
  10. LDC is right. tettey ahead of Johnson every day of the week for me
  11. Johnson - a good day to be left sitting firmly on the bench. RVW - a good day to be left sitting firmly in the stand. Snodgrass - a good day to be sitting sulking on the turf.
  12. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="dean"]Best to just accept our fate. It will make the coming weeks that bit easier for you.[/quote] Never.......we will beat Liverpool..........I''ve made arrangements![;)] [/quote] I didn''t realise Grobbelaar was still in goal ;)
  13. Best to just accept our fate. It will make the coming weeks that bit easier for you.
  14. No chance. But the Chelsea and Arsenal games, however....
  15. Maybe the Norfolk Coalition for the Disabled were looking for a new Chief Executive. Oh, hang on......
  16. When Liverpool win tomorrow at least Chelsea will be so deflated come our game against them that we may pick up a result.
  17. WC is right - if they beat Watford then all their other games look easy for them (including Burnley - who will be on the beach). I can''t see them getting past Wigan in the play-offs though. God forbid we go down and they go up. What a 5h1t season. That (¥nt Hughton and our dithering pile of 5h1te of a board have royally done us.
  18. This is the most deluded, hilarious thread that I''ve read in ages. And given the state of this forum that''s saying something. I admire the OPs optimism but he''s off his rocker.
  19. [quote user="Crafty Canary"]We are not down yet. God wil provide! Keep the faith.[/quote] God will provide!? Er..... I''ll leave that one there. Realistically I think we''d need to beat Arsenal and still find a point somewhere else. It''s never ever happening. Time to plan for the Championship. At least Hughton''s no longer in charge.
  20. Very painful to watch it happening, but we are becoming worse than Ipswich.
  21. We were the better team first half, really unlucky. But their goal knocked any remaining confidence out of us. Back came the lingering doubts and second half was a let down. The managerial approach was definitely better, but sadly the same outcome. RVW is dog 5h1t. Hooper just as bad. I like Redmomd, but he''s lightweight and still far too selfish. Same can be said for Wes. Bradley Johnson is a rubbish football player. Whitaker is shocking also. It really is no surprise we find ourselves in the position we are faced with. Hughton still had to go, despite obvious player misgivings, but someone should have been given January to try and tinker with the squad. Typical City, always doing it last minute and on the cheap. We are down now, without a doubt.
  22. Scrap your protest and join Hughton down the job centre on Monday morning. Binner.
  23. LDC popped out this afternoon to get a copy of that statement framed for his lounge wall. Credit to Hughton for the general way he conducts himself. He continues to be a gentleman. When it comes to his managing and coaching ability he is deluded though. I hope he proves me wrong at the club he manages next. As long as it''s not Ipswich.
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