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  1. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]

    [quote user="dean"]We were going to lose regardless of today''s decision. Arsenal is our only real remaining chance of points.[/quote]


    while todays announcement does go against us  and just because the aggregate score from the last 4 visits is 12-1 from 4 defeats,  there is no need to hang out the white flag just yet and  still everything to play for.


    I travel on Sat hopeful of another spirited display from city,  together with fewer mistakes,  a little more quality, seasoned with a sprinkling of  lady luck and who knows what can happen.


    My fingers are genuinely crossed for you. I hope they do you proud for making the journey. They''ll certainly play with a more spirited and attacking ethos than had Hughton been in charge. I''ll still be putting Utd in my accumulator.

  2. [quote user="lake district canary"]No way. We are little Norwich and don''t deserve any points in the last three games. We are much better going behind and then we can cheer our gallant heroes to another failed comeback and a glorious defeat. That way at least we can say we have got our club back.....[/quote]

    Because Hughton would have taken points off Fulham and Liverpool yeah Lakey!? Like hell would he.

    I can''t wait for Hughton to be employed, just so you can s0d off and support another club.

  3. Close. But It''s actually my love child from my fling with Jenkins'' mother. As much as I told her to let the kid make his own decisions, she insisted on him supporting her family team. As a result I haven''t spoken to him in years. I still see her, but only because she wears nothing when we meet and doesn''t mention the binners. He was a lost cause long ago. Much like her son, Jenkins.

  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]probably going to end up looking a twit but.....

    United are due a hammering...Moyes under pressure and a squad who look like they have given up.... its probably our last chance and we will go to old trafford with Nothing to lose....

    man utd 0 - 3 Norwich....[/quote]

    Your undying support for Hughton already made you look a twit, so I wouldn''t worry about that if I were you.

  5. [quote user="lake district canary"]Sounded pretty fair to me. I heard some criticism, but also plenty of  praise for Norwich. Why do some people hear one thing and some hear another?


    For the same reasons that some people believe some Managers are utterly useless, yet others love them so much to the point of stalking them ;)

  6. I clapped him on today, as I always do.

    Honest truth.

    I''ve never booed any of our players.

    I chanted for Hughton to be sacked and I stick by that, but I always support my team.

    You, like others, don''t understand the basis of my point. I obviously wasn''t clear enough.

    RVW should have scored that header. Had he done so we would drawn the game. Whilst it not solely his fault, him missing that chance cost us a point. I hope that''s simple enough for you to grasp my point. You may not agree, but I''m sure you can understand what I am saying.

  7. Democracy is tough for you to grasp isn''t it hey, Jenkins?

    I cheer the team on week in, week out. But I didn''t support Hughton. Nor do I support the board''s delay in getting rid.

    I''m entitled to discuss what I like on here. As are you. If you don''t like the post, then don''t partake in the discussion. Start your own post. Prick

  8. Jenkins you are a massive (0ck.

    Everyone on here supports the team, you patronising fool.

    It''s called a forum - where people come to discuss all things Norwich City. It doesn''t in any way relate to behaviour inside the ground on a match day.

    The number of posters on here who think that this website somehow affects the team is simply baffling.
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