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  1. Cluckbert And your''s needs a good slapping, you shit head!
  2. Hi City 1st - what''s your real name, "Miseryguts" perhaps.
  3. "First Wizard" ''''Really looking forward to this points deduction now, Just hope it''s the 30 points that has been suggested on 606 by someone'''' Wizarse - you really are an attention seeking old git!
  4. Smudger wrote "call me dubious even" I''d call you a load of stinky crap!
  5. Smudder wrote "call me dubious even" I''d call you a load of crap!
  6. "city till i die" Who cares about a bloody lap off honour, we see them walk around the pitch every season weather we go up or down. I think fans should be aloud seems we stick bye them threw everything. You, silly boy, are a total dumb-nut.
  7. "First Wizard Since this afternoon, I''ve been studying just how to break this curse. It can be done by every new shirt buyer peeing on the left hand sleeve of it before wearing it at Carrrow Road No, don''t all rush to thank me at once" Wiz... a better way is for you to stick your head up your arse and fart... loudly!
  8. "First team up! CURSE YOU DELIA Look, ever since I started following City (1957) that vomit shade of yellow has NEVER been worn on our shirts, plus, then new badge is a vile hybred too. Wizard, you really are a nasty piece of work! Remember what goes around comes around and you''ll get yours!
  9. and Smudger said.... "I think we should get him out of the team because he can''t tackle" Another load of crap from Smudger.. jeez that prat is full of it!
  10. ''''Smudger I think we should get him out of the team because he can''t tackle..." Another load of crap from Smudger!
  11. "smudger -A very strange signing in my opinion... hopefully Lambert knows something that I don''t and it is just a temporary measure until the end of the season (with no plans to make the move permanent during the summer).He is only 5''9" so no back up for Holty if he is to miss a few more games between now and the end of the season. As far as I know he is also not blessed with bags of pace and could only be described as an average Championship striker at best with approx a one goal in 4 or 5 games ratio.Am set to be proved wrong as I have been a few times this season, but I for one am not overwhelmed with this signing. It makes me wonder even more why we were not tabling a bid for the likes of Barnard and Puncheon" You really are a miserable negative Git!!
  12. "People rip apart my threads, thats what happens on forums." That''s because you are a complete prat!
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