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  1. Upgraded to Priority membership there for me and my GF. So if one of us, hopefully, gets through tomoro, can we two tickets together using both customer numbers??
  2. Question for ye lads. I don''t have Season ticket or priority membership.. Have regular membership. Going to be coming from Ireland. Are tickets eventually going to be on general sale?
  3. Will be attending my first City game tomorrow... Have just moved over from Ireland. unsurprisingly, don''t have many friends that are City fans so attending on my own. Any advice, apart from expecting a 0-0? what pubs will Norwich fans be drinking in before/after?
  4. hardly surprising. crazy team selection. snodgrass should be dropped and yet is instead given a new position. wes is obviously off to villa. RvW needs games/goals so should have started.
  5. hadnt noticed Snodgrass was playing. BJ has been awful apart from the goal.
  6. shocking decision from ref about shamack. goal wouldnt have happened otherwise. theyre a typical Pulis team. physical but shite. should win if we play it on the deck and get Hooper into it.
  7. rep of ireland is not britain. cant be included. mix of english, british, irish and foreign is good for the team though. strong contingent of irish now with elliot signing. also, anyone know where online to get a norwich jersey, for decent price.??
  8. rep of ireland players are not british, cant be classified as the same. it gives the squad a balance though and can only be positive. very strong irish contingent now with stephen elliot signing. also, anyone know where i can buy norwich jersey online for decent price???
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