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  1. No, it is me. I have a guinness world record certificate. [H]
  2. [quote user="canarytom"][quote user="First Wizard"] When this idea was merged with a McNally thread this morning, the original concept was totally buried amongst unrelated stuff. IMO, this is a seperate matter and should be debated as such, and no where mods do I even mention McNally! So lets examine the evidence............again. Accounts put back for a rigorous overhall: City officials had already confirmed that the annual meeting''s postponement is down to a "rigorous review" of the club''s operations and it is believed a similar reason lies behind the delay in Norwich''s accounts arriving at Companies House.Filing the accounts late with the registrar is a far less serious matter for the club than doing similar with its tax return; City have until next May to complete that ritual.But the Canaries are still likely to be on the end of a fine, which amounts to £1,500 if the accounts arrive between one and three months late. Then there will be the hit to City''s credit rating - however that, along with the modest fine, is unlikely to have a significant effect on the club''s restructuring plans which officials at Carrow Road would admit are taking precedence.Ian Fitch, partner at Norwich chartered accountants firm Larking Gowen, said: "Accounts are one of the many factors that contribute to a company''s credit rating and late accounts, of course, are not helpful. "But in the short-term it is unlikely to make any difference to the club''s existing supplier relationships, which are no doubt well managed. Businesses sometimes file accounts late for strategic reasons."Those reasons could involve trying to secure extra finance as part of the club''s financial restructuring, something which looks likely to be clarified at the Canaries'' annuual meeting next year Trust me, if the Board are willing to take a fine, a dent to the clubs credit rating, not selling key players,  giving Paul Lambert a transfer budget and are not running around like headless chickens over that Essex -pub team..........then somethings afoot. NEW INVESTMENT! [/quote][/quote]Getting the olde Post count up ay Tom? [;)] 2 Sneaky ones there. Bravo my friend. [Y]
  3. Promoted in Second place!Dont you get more money for winning play off''s than finishing 2nd? [:|]
  4. [quote user="Big Slob"][quote user="cityangel"][quote user="pennywise "]are we having  one this year mr chops ?or has the absence of gunny ,roeder and donny left you a bit short of  material ?  last years was a classic [:D][/quote]   Couldn''t you have added that to the existing thread? [/quote]Couldn''t you shutup[/quote]Jeesh man!!! [:|]I swear you''ve become a bit hasty these days.
  5. [quote user="AVFC-NCFC"]How many goals did Alan Lee score? Holt has the same amount of passion if not more the Lee. [/quote]Yeah he does have more passion. But you''ve gotta look at the defences. Holt is playing week-in, week-out against League 1 defences, which in my opinion, are ALOT worse than championship defences. ALOT WORSE!
  6. I have to admit, I wasnt his greatest fan last season, But to be fair, he has played brilliantly most games this season. However, I do agree with a few others when they said, Would he cut it in the Championship? I think yes, he could be a good player, but do I think that he could push us toward the top part of the Championship next season (assuming promotion from League 1) Im not so sure.
  7. There''s been alot of discussion lately on here about the teams value, especially Holt and Hoolahan. So who''s worth more?Plenty of people have said Hoolahan, but I honestly think Holt for us at the moment. Without him where would the goals come from? We''ve scored what, 42 is it now? 13 from Holt and around 7 assists is it? Having said that, Hoolahan does create a high amount of out chances. Imagine if they both left in January ( I know VERY unlikely) We would be hit VERY hard I think. Overall, I think they are worth about the same to us. Others?
  8. Actually, what am I on about? It''s Norwich related, CARROW ROAD. Durrr [:$] [:(]
  9. Its very hard to say. Holt to us seems so much better, as he is doing cracking, but is against ALOT worse defence''s. He is alot more hard working too. But Lee is more of a proven goal scorer at a higher level. I dont believe Holt has even played in the top two divisions? Where as Lee has scored plenty of goal''s in the second division.
  10. I''m new today to posting on this site, and have noticed a recent increase is rather odd threads. There was those "Is * settled" which got a bit out of hand, and the "Can Holt get * goals" did too. Just wondering if that happens much? [^o)]
  11. [quote user="Hardhouse44"][quote user="Wookie"]I dont think Holt will go, Not in January anyway. He''s scored 19 this season, and looks to have us going good for a automatic promotion spot, play off''s at worst. He seems to be enjoying it too. However, if we do go up, will someone be after him in the summer? Does anyone know what contract he''s on?[/quote]Who Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Hull. He isn''t a premiership play and never will be. If we get promoted this season he will be an integral part of the push over the next couple of season to build a team capable of challenging in the Championship. If we ever make it back to Premiership Holt would not be playing for us.[/quote]Very good point. So I think No, Holt will not go anywhere, assuming we do go up, or nowhere above us anyway. So this means Holt is at his prime time in his Career? [:)]
  12. Realistic he said. Someone like MacNamee, who is a good player at a League 1 or even 2 club, and may be attracted to us, as we are flying high.
  13. I dont think Holt will go, Not in January anyway. He''s scored 19 this season, and looks to have us going good for a automatic promotion spot, play off''s at worst. He seems to be enjoying it too. However, if we do go up, will someone be after him in the summer? Does anyone know what contract he''s on?
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