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  1. Hmm, I dont think I actually said I wanted to track him down - infact the title says that i''ve found him?!! I''ve followed our wonderful club all my life and I like to keep in touch with all aspects of it! I take it very seriously. Is that ok?
  2. Well, if I''ve somehow made you happy this evening then I can assure you It wasn''t my intention, though I''m more than glad to brighten up your Friday night. I can only suggest if a post doesn''t concern or interest you then dont bother replying
  3. No, thank you! Glad you spent the time to reply
  4. Less cryptic? I think you''re looking for a mistery where there isn''t one!! Top of the league tomorrow! OTBC
  5. Lol no. Support sometimes goes beyond the first team
  6. Morty - A long way back ( years!) he was looking very very good, but vanished completely from thee scene, I asked on here a month or so ago if anyone had any knowledge.. found him :) 
  7. A huge thanks to all those who made various suggestions as to the fate of our once brilliant youth player William Callow. He had been found fit and well plying his trade for not one, but two North Norfork teams. Oh and he''s a pretty good barman  too! OTBC!
  8. Yup, Cody has come a long long way in a short space of time! Would really love to see him live the dream with us, best of luck, though cant see him getting in at the mo!!!
  9. Tunica Molesta - just an opinion in jest - which I believe I''m entitle to post?
  10. I lay the blame for all our anxiety today solely at the feet of Gary Megson! All our angst and worry solely due to him being absolute bullard as a manager... losing his job and coming back to haunt us and Owen Coyle moving on to ''bigger'' things at Bolton!.... Megson a potential replacement for Lambert. No. Of course not! Oh and this is all tongue in cheek by the way. I dont think for one minute Lambo will leave us! Why would he? Chances are City and Burnley will both bee division 2 clubs next year! OTBC
  11. Thanks guys - I knew it was a long shot as it was a while back.
  12. where is he now?fantastic youth player!!
  13. Nelson did have a good game today, he played very well but is clearly a limited player. To suggest he is anywhere near the standard of the Doc is quite ridiculous. I for one will certainly feeling far more comfortable with him back in the defence - preferable along side Askou ASAP! Nelson however has proven that he is a decent and reasonable replacement should it come to that. 
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