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  1. [quote]   I agree, and Huddersfield to win the play-offs. Leeds will suffer due to their blind stupidity of pursuing Cup-runs in a potential promotion season. [:|] [/quote]So you wouldn''t have loved to knock out one of the greatest teams in the world?
  2. Well done in your ''Big East Anglian Derby''. See you next year Ole ole ole ole Pablo, Pablo
  3. I payed £200 for my season ticket and I think it''s decent value for money. I think it''d be great to have lower prices and pack the stadium out.
  4. LOL @ whoever said ''Scunners and winning at Derby, puts the scum down one''. Clutching at League 1 straws is of no use my friend. A win at Exeter is firmly expected, anything else is a slip up!
  5. You seem to have ignored my previous post. I don''t know what a ''big'' club is, I suppose it''s definition varies from person to person. But a NEUTRAL website has listed us as a bigger club than you. Biased fans will obviously take the side of their team, but the neutral is always right ;)
  6. http://www.the-football-club.com/big-clubs.htmlYou have the higher averages, we have... oh yeah; everything else. ;)
  7. No one can deny the fact he was a great player. I think he has mellowed out since management but his managerial career will always have the overhanging shadow of the incidents of his playing days. Believe it or not, change is possible.
  8. Don''t worry, Lisbie will save us from League 1 football!
  9. It''s SUCH a Nightmare we kept a clean sheet. ;)
  10. We have a quality keeper coming 1st Jan (2nd to Shay Given). How disastrous
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