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  1. I was there sitting in the back rows and i have to admit, i was rather dis-appointed with alot of the fans, dont get me wrong the back few rows sang non stop untill the end, but there was hardly any noise coming from the rest of the fans and people leaving the second they sink their 3rd was ridiculus, sorry but as an away trip i did expect alot more im afraid, hopefully after a few more successfull away trips the noise and loyalty and pride to stay untill that final whistle blows shall return haha.
  2. Haha yeah that was me and my mates, aswell as the adam drury song :D Thats right people, adam drury now has a song. oh how we love, oh how we loveyour headerin, your headerinyour tackerlin, your tackerlinyour loyalty, your loyaltyooooooooooooooadam drury. adam adam drury, adam drury wheres the number 3adam drury. adam adam drury, adam drury your the one for me!Yarmy!!!
  3. [quote user="Power Ranger Canary"]this is a free country i will take all the inflateables i want where ever, when ever and how ever i like aslong as its not illegal and theres not a damn thing you can do to stop me. :)[/quote] BLOODY RIGHT MATE!!!
  4. [quote user="Jim Smith"]1. We are not going to get a world record as there will be about 20 of them. 2. Some of our fans need to grow up. 3. Last time I looked inflatables didn;t make the crowd louder. 4. We are in league 1. Turning Southend away into some sort of happy clappy carnival makes us look f**king stupid and also continues to perpetuate the myth to Delia et al that the fans are happy with their lot and accept where we are. 5. Large quantities of inflatables are acceptable at celebration games or last away games of the season (Charlton aside). Other than that I don''t mind the odd inflatable canary but taking loads is ridiculous. [/quote] yes its not going to happen, but whats the bloody point about going on about it, its just a laugh. people like you make me laugh. grow up and learn to relax.
  5. Please, please explain me to the logic of losing a bloody football game because too many inflatables are used. F**king stupid, inflatables means the fans are having fun and means they are going to be louder and more active, which will motivate any team. It is a simple fact the fans are the 12th man. The incident that happened at Liverpool is never likely to happen again, if you cant enjoy a football game, then whats the point of going. Its pathetic criticising people because of making a world record attempt for inflatables. GETTING US, NORWICH CITY into the record books, let every person round the world hear our name and hear our chants!!!!!!!!
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