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  1. Squire, yes, a joke i think! I''ve got kids too and when I first started bringing them regularly I squirmed every time there was any swearing around us, but I''m afraid it was a case of put up with it or move seats. They all know that if I hear them repeat things they hear, away from the match, there will be trouble. I think it''s a small part of their enjoyment of the game now.
  2. It amuses me to think that anyone on here actually believes Lambert takes any notice of our posts! We''ve got the best manager we''ve had in ages. We''re top of the league, odds on to win promotion and we''ve got fantastic supporters(mostly). At the moment any team in this division would swap their manager for ours. I think we should back him with every decision he makes, because as much as any of us would like to think we''d do things differently, none of us would be any good at it! Unless of course any of you are actually Paul Lambert...... come on own up, who is it?!
  3. Me and the pixies have just landed! We.ve been out to buy Smudger a claret and blue shirt to wear for the pre-match pint on Saturday.
  4. You''ll have to excuse my ignorance, I''m not very bright. Can someone explain to me how we would be better off selling the ground and then paying rent to whoever buys it. The buyer will want a rental figure to compensate for the price paid.... ie enough to make it worthwhile... i''m lost!
  5. Grant Holt would be perfect in the champ so long as he is injury free.
  6. Not sure if anyone is from the Ely area but we are booking a coach to take a group of us to the match. We have a few spare seats, please pm if you are interested. Cost will be about £20, or £10 for kids
  7. I get the idea, Mr C, why not just blast the whole of Relax over the speakers when he comes on? It might liven up certain areas of the ground!
  8. Hi Gut, I think this is a reasonable idea. How good would we all feel being able to secure a decent future for Ncfc. How would our better players feel if they were offered a slightly improved position elsewhere? Imagine the publicity, and more importantly, perhaps, the impression it could give a potential investor? The big Q is... How many of the fans will dig deep to find £500?
  9. Watching this shower of **** on sky. I don''t think we were at our best yesterday but still got the job done. Looking at the quality of passing in todays game, we will look like Arsenal next season.
  10. This is a classic. I haven''t laughed as much in years. Can someone tell me what nutty has done wrong, though? And surely most items in the club shop can be bought elsewhere anyway and not always much cheaper either. i''d rather buy stuff from the club... what''s the point in "supporting" your club but not actually supporting it.
  11. I''ve just got back too. Left at 9, parked in the bull ring and got a train to the ground. Taking everything into account I can understand the reasons for the postponement. I talked to a guy on the train back to brum who''d come from Sweden to watch the match. If you read this mate, get in touch. I think the least I can do is buy you a beer or three when you make it to Norwich next. and one last thing, Grant Holt (along with all the others) clearly wanted to get going when we saw him heading for the car park but he made time to have his pic taken with my kids. He''s a sound fella.
  12. This has probably been mentioned before, if so I apologise, but I''ve been wondering... "How do you explain our amazing level of support?" Considering the last few seasons lack of success we still filled the ground on the opening day against Col U. We are averaging better attendences than a lot of clubs in much higher league places than us. I know that we have a large area to draw fans from but we haven''t always (going back 10 or 20 years) had as many fans in the ground. Is it something to do with bringing some mates to the game who wouldn''t have come unless they were press-ganged into it. I just wondered if anyone else has brought people to the game for the first time who now come regularly?
  13. I was thinking about tuesday night before i saw this post. I can''t decide whether to go or not. Work the next day, fuel to get there, moans from the kids if i dont take them, moans from Mrs S&A if i do. I went to swindon in the cup and to southampton in the league. I think i''ve just got a nasty feeling about this one. I agree with some of you that PL will consider next Saturday more important. Does anyone know how many we are taking? Is anyone on here going?
  14. Maybe a little optimistic but.. 1-3. Holt twice and Askou
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