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  1. Really? Who does he support then?! What a mad act if he wasn''t passionate about it all!

    It really signified everything was wrong when that happens!! You don''t

    just do it on a whim and yes it certainly did show everyone how bad

    things were so it did help for sure! That and all the aviva free flags

    gracing the urinals - nothing was more of a summary of feelings than


  2. [quote user="Ren"]

    What is it with our fans and dressing up to look like idiots all the time.  Cant you do this at a fancy dress party or are you such retards that you dont get invited to parties?

    Go to the game, cheer on the lads, have a good time and enjoy yourselves but leave the hillbilly fancy dress kits at home, please!

    [/quote]It''s a thing, all or at least many, clubs do at the end of the season....it''s called having fun and joining in.....I''ll leave you and your inhibitions to sit quietly in the City stand!It''s what makes the end of the season what it is, pure celebration, hopefully in the sun!

  3. Yeah I bet they were too! Still, they''ll be there this Saturday when it really matters for the party!i found it strange that SSN had an interview with Askou outside the Jarrold stand after it all! Why him and why there?! They then hung around outside Morrisons to quiz the locals!