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  1. GUcanary

    Kit questions

    I don''t think it''s a question of glamour, otherwise Plymouth wouldn''t get an Adidas kit! Nike used to sponsor lots of lower league teams as they invested lots in grass roots football.Is Xara an in-house company? I don''t see any other teams have them I don''t think.
  2. GUcanary

    Huddersfield v Norwich

    Yeah, I''m considering this, although one of the most expensive matches of the season!Should be good, then out in Sheffield afterwards to relive my uni days!
  3. GUcanary

    Re: Brighton 'Boozers'

    Cheers Brighton yellow......I have heard snow for my way on Friday night!! I hope for better in Sussex!!
  4. GUcanary

    Re: Brighton 'Boozers'

    Err, cheers guys! Never mind, I''ll look for some good places on the day.....Who else is going and grabbing a pint beforehand?
  5. GUcanary

    "Let's be 'avin you" revisited

    She has coined a footballing term/encouraging chant in much the same

    wasy Dowie did with Bouncebackability! I had the misfortune to witness

    the Rotherham Grimsby match a few weeks back with a mate and the

    Grimsby was ording their players ''Let''s be ''aving you''!!! It will never

    be forgotten nor will it ever not raise a smile to other teams fans!!

    it''s cringeworthy and sadly overshadows the win against Man U that same

    season for many people, but it''s a memory here to stay!
  6. GUcanary

    Re: Brighton 'Boozers'

    Ha! Already on the agenda! Chastity belt and backs against the walls too!

  7. Let''s not stoop to their level! Yes, it is very very bad and a joke to think that this is a new ground

    and clearly made on the cheap without consideration for the concept of

    drainage, but the best teams in the league can still play and win there

    so let them ruin their own season and live with the embarrassment!
  8. GUcanary

    Frazer - Another Wonder Save!!

    Couldn''t agree more! Maybe because it''s now become expected and now it''s standard and so people don''t mention it as much! The

    amount of points FF has stopped us from losing is incredible and should

    often be highlighted!!
  9. I''m sure it''ll be as exciting as the one down at St Mary''s, but let''s hope for a better result!
  10. GUcanary

    Millwall's 2nd goal

    It was just one of two bad goals that day, frustrating but it will act as a good wake up call hopefully!
  11. GUcanary

    Leeds v Norwich

    It''ll all boil down to 27th March, should be a cracker. There is nothing really between us I don''t think, which is why it''s making it such a great chase at the top! When you say you know an ''arrogant leeds fan'', it''s fair to say that you often don''t need to prefix it with ''arrogant'',. it''s just taken as granted!!!

  12. GUcanary

    A deserved and overdue defeat

    Some very valid points there, Doc/Whitbread would be good to see, I

    just have no faith in Nelson, I always want him to do well (wanted that

    overhead effort to go in in the 2nd half!) but I never feel confident

    as he approaches the ball.

    McNamee is deadly with 5 yards, he can skip passed someone and then

    whip crosses in very easily, he was so dangerous with those few he did

    deliver in. That said, sometimes he can be found a bit wanting and

    maybe needs to be in top gear all the time.
  13. GUcanary

    So what was the atmosphear at millwall like?

    It was superb wasn''t it, you''d never get that in the Prem I don''t think! it was a great ground too i thought.You can''t change some people''s mentality, so all of that ball throwing to give Fraser the runaround up at the other end or when we had throw ins was the be expected, it''s just how those people are, very annoying though.I found al of their lip laughable, loved how they kicked off at the ref at EVERY free kick they conceded and also when our boys took the ball further down the line when taking a throw in!
  14. GUcanary

    Pink 'Un's 'Player To Watch'

    It appears that the Pink Un inform us we should be very wary of our own bench on Saturday!!http://www.pinkun.com/content/pinkun/norwich-city/away-guide/Millwall.aspx

  15. Quite! Let''s not even entertain the idea just yet!However, it''s best said that appointing ''old boys'' doesn''t appear to work so however good Cully is, it may be best for both parties not to get him in!
  16. GUcanary

    Soccer AM Fans Of The Week

    That''s simply unforgivable!!
  17. GUcanary

    Soccer AM Fans Of The Week

    Ok cool, I always wonder, must have missed them that week. Nowadays they only seem to get fans whose team is playing in LDN that day!
  18. GUcanary

    Soccer AM Fans Of The Week

    Have we ever had any fans go on there?
  19. GUcanary

    late march

    Don''t talk with a ''big club'' mentality, you''ll be as bad as the Leeds

    and Saints fans. We have been successful in the past but we in L1 for a

    reason, let''s just approach and respect opponents, we''ve beaten both at

    home so could well do away, but clearly if other teams struggle at

    Galpharm and the County Ground then we have to expect a tough battle

    there too
  20. GUcanary

    late march

    Great work! I reckon we''ll have plenty of yellow and green on the 20th there!
  21. It''s really beginning to annoy me now that they''re doing this. If they

    want to support Newton Heath then support them, not Man U!! Good call

    though about them being glory hunters, they want to support a club who

    is soaring high on top of the league!!!

    What got me during last night''s match is the corner of morons wearing

    them when Bellamy got hit by an object thrown from the crowd. Those

    couple of ''fans'' having a go and gesticulating at him wearing the

    yellow and green could have foxed those seeing it on SSN, thinking they

    were Canaries berating a former player! We''d never be harsh towards


    Plain and simply, Man U fans just don''t know how good they''ve got it.
  22. GUcanary

    late march

    They will all be certain nerve janglers for sure! i agree, at least 5 points from those three are more than possible. Swindon are doing well but I can see that being the most comfortable (I''m talking relatively here). Hudd away will be a sturdy test of our defence, having Askou back for that would help immensely.I hope we can limit the ticket allocation for Leeds, don''t want them trying to take over the Jarrold stand, we need as many Yellow and Greens there come the 27th!

  23. GUcanary

    Did anyone at Walsall notice...

    The whole place is a bit of a sham! I liked the ground, but yes the condition and effort from the ground staff was rather questionable!Was Dancing Kev to be very spotable last night? Come FT we were all dancing Kevs I suppose!
  24. C''mmmmmmmooonnn you O''s!!! They''ll be in good spirits after their mid week win so let''s hope they carry on!
  25. GUcanary

    Will Doc get the Holt role .

    The only way he could is to just hang around Linekar-like on the 6 yard line! His pace would let him down up front as it does at the back otherwise! I''m still backing him to score mind you tomorrow night.