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  1. GUcanary

    Paul Lambert Day - Message for Pete

    Was there also some chit chat about doing this at Bristol too? a PL away day? I''m keen as I can''t make Carlisle - i know, criminal......
  2. GUcanary

    when forster returns from suspension

    Quite, every time someone has completed their suspension they have gone directly back into the team, so they''ll be no change, he''s just too awesome to leave out!
  3. GUcanary


    I think it''s fair to say that sometimes he''s great,

    sometimes he can be frustrating and try to do too much/give the ball

    away too much. When he''s good and has space though he can dictate some

    games. However, I think defenders in the Champ will work out he''s only

    got a left foot and may mean he might not be as effective.
  4. GUcanary


    You''re getting your clarets mixed up........Burnely are already consigned to a derby with Preston!
  5. GUcanary


    I agree for sure, Leicester were the ones to look at for this season and they will again for next season, they''re doing so well in the play off currently without having bought loads of ''proven Championship'' players who may be costly. Pearson built a team who learnt how to win and have yet to really forget how to do so, this is exactly what King Lambert has done and will continue to do so.Donny, another example, they''re now doing so well after a year or two consolidating themselves in the Champ from L1. A good finish and some impressive football is ours for the taking next season, let''s keep the belief rolling on through the summer!
  6. GUcanary

    Player Of the Seeason...

    For me it is certainly Forster, Holt or Rusty.

    However, I can see Russell Martin winning it due to errors on the voting slips/texts!!
  7. Cheers for this, didn''t know it so it''ll be perfect! Much better than putting up with occasional reports from Scott Minto or Tony Cottee on Soccer Saturday!
  8. GUcanary

    Tranmere Game Good Friday

    Enjoy it if you head up there.For those hitting Norwich is it all going off in the Murderers?
  9. GUcanary

    Brown sacked by Hull

    It is pretty preposterous, such a bad time to let him go. he deserves to stay with them as he has done well overall, cue all the big names once again: Dowie, Jewell, Roeder.....
  10. GUcanary

    Paul Lambert Day

    Should be superb! We could also do it if we have a celebration outside City hall etc if we do what we all wish we can do from here on in.
  11. GUcanary

    A New Simple Chant

    Well, it''s hard to convey in word, but something like "der der der der, der der der der"!!They play it after Samba De Janeiro after full time at Carrow.Yeah I agree another line would be good, just not sure what! Probably something about being "the best the Anglia has ever seen" or something like that.
  12. GUcanary

    A New Simple Chant

    To the tune of Tom Hark:"We Are The Team In The Yellow & Green"

  13. GUcanary

    song for macnamee

    The perfect ending!! great work! Right, give this one a go at Oldham, by the time I head to Swindon it should be the perfect one to sing at his old team''s ground!
  14. GUcanary

    Wes on the Right

    It is very simple, they both can play in the same team, Wes is most effective in the middle, it''s simple, as it''s been said, a diamond with him and Rusty in the middle with Mcnamee and either Lappin or Smith will work wonders, as long as the front two stay up front, down the middle.
  15. GUcanary

    song for macnamee

    Someone did a great shout in the Snakepit on Tues:(to the tune of nick nack paddy whack)Anthony, McNamee, he looks f****** quick me to me!

  16. GUcanary


    I think another issue is that opposition teams have worked out he only has a left foot, so if you make him check back so he turns back onto his left then his undoubted skill can be thwarted at times. What I didn''t get though is having Lappin in the centre, surely him on the left with Macca on the right both whipping crosses onto Holt''s head would be devastating?!Then Wes can still marshall the middle of the park and push forward.
  17. GUcanary

    First choice centre backs.

    It''s no coincidence that we played ever so much much better when we had Askou/Doc together, it seemed like the whole team felt more assured. Hoping that they play together again tomorrow, I think we''ll see a cleansheet and normal service resumed! it would be great to see Whitbread play though, but i wouldn''t wish to disrupt the backline too much with too many changes.
  18. GUcanary

    Shame about No east Anlian Derby

    A long way to go until either of those things happen! What is a shame though is that there won''t be 4 of us Anglian teams battling out for the Pride next season!

  19. Definitely Weston for that audacious dive, maybe Neil Harris too, he''s just a bit too much of a geezer for my liking!!
  20. That really is bad! There''s no pleasing some people though, good call to offer to swap but she seemed intent on ruining everyone''s game! I hope she just wasn''t making a joke out of it, we had a laugh when people down the front of the middle block stood up to let people walk passed and we in jest shouted ''sit down'' to them to mock the stewards! By the sounds of it, this woman would frown on such a joke!

  21. GUcanary

    Next Match, come on pink un!

    No fella, I''m a little in the dark about it too!
  22. True, but eventually they go and get the big beefy head security chap who then usually wades into the row to ''have a word'' with the assailant, causing much more of a disturbance and obstruction to the view than someone standing up, which in turn then causes more of a spectacle for the crowd than the match and so get''s in the way of the actual reason you''re there! We always try to stand for as long as we can and then prolonged times when the action hots up!
  23. Green house makes sense! Nothing else does!
  24. The biggest joke is that we can''t even hear one another chant on a cold

    windy day without any roof, so getting something started is very tough.

    Yes we did start well for the first ten minutes, but as soon as you''re

    ordered to sit down and so literally can''t see anything or hear

    anything you begin to almost feel like you''re in a library and so you

    shouldn''t make any noise!! Even at the final whistle when we were all

    chanting it still didn''t sound much, I wouldn''t be surprised if the

    players couldn''t hear us much until they began to walk off the pitch

    One thing I would say though is that I liked how they colour co-ordinated the balloons for us!

  25. Exactly, it has been fun so far, any team in whatever league would

    enjoy going on such a run as we''ve had! Looking down the league in any

    case, most of these teams have been in the Championship over the last

    few seasons anyway so it isn''t too different a fixture list compared

    with the last 5 years!

    It has done us good to get out of the stagnant Champ, learn about

    winning ways and now we''ll continue to follow Leicester''s path and be

    hitting the top 6 next season.