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  1. Last I heard was that they''d only sold 4,000 and needed 13,000 to break even! It''s surprising that so few had been sold, but you''re right at that price it puts so many people off.
  2. GUcanary

    Who will you cheer ???

    There really isn''t much to choose between them but I would like to see Swindon join us. I think Danny Wilson is someone people want to play for so they''ll possibly do well and recruit next season. I don''t think I could face another game against the hamster face Jacket!
  3. He as good as said I''m signed for next season after he watched us play at Carrow Road on Friday! kerching! So yeah i''d def do it!
  4. GUcanary

    Out of Contract Players

    I see that as someone posted on here a while back Semi''s contract was up in June, he''s now been released for sure:http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/southampton/8684649.stm!! Oh dear! Will another L1 team take pity?
  5. GUcanary

    Goal of the season??

    Maybe Doc''s against Soton in JPT? Or Holt''s v Millwall at home - Wes''s cross was simply perfection.You''re right though, I don''t think they''ll be one that everyone agrees on, can''t think of one magical, they''ve all been big team efforts.
  6. GUcanary

    Re: Robbie Blake?

    No thank you, not worth buying, we don''t need his type of play i don''t think.
  7. GUcanary

    Imagine Huckerby with Holt....

    It''s too dreamy to contemplate! Would have been devastating! Any great striker needs quality deliveries in to him - that ocmbo would have defined it!
  8. GUcanary

    Away Attendance Stats

    Back then it was all so cheap to do!Back to this season, it''s such a commendable effort for us that have travelled all over this season, all very worthwhile too, must be the best in L1.
  9. GUcanary

    Official celebration

    The most likely thing is a civic reception on Monday 10th i think.
  10. Indeed! What a send off (just for the summer we hope) it would be!So many people have mentioned him up there for the award, maybe like me people voted for two people just so they can include him too.
  11. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    If Woodfordes are then that is quality!

    Does anyone know where the best place is to get beach balls, ticker tape etc?! Want to make Saturday a wash with colour!
  12. Will this mean that the chant will have to be

    changed "there''s more than 1 Paul Lambert, more than 1 Paauullll

    Laaaambert" ?! Or maybe even there''s 25,000 Paul Lamberts, 25,000

    Paauuulll Laaaammberts" !!!Corporate hospitality sounds the place to be!
  13. GUcanary

    Opening day of the season...

    Really? Who does he support then?! What a mad act if he wasn''t passionate about it all!

    It really signified everything was wrong when that happens!! You don''t

    just do it on a whim and yes it certainly did show everyone how bad

    things were so it did help for sure! That and all the aviva free flags

    gracing the urinals - nothing was more of a summary of feelings than

  14. GUcanary


    Indeed! Does this mean the seating is at the end and the terrace around the corner? If so I won''t be changing my tickets if it is seating!
  15. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    Hard lines fella! And to think that is on a bank holiday too! Sounds unfair to me!
  16. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    Inside the ground?
  17. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    For sure! Inflatables, balloons the lot! It''ll really make it a carnival!
  18. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    [quote user="Ren"]

    What is it with our fans and dressing up to look like idiots all the time.  Cant you do this at a fancy dress party or are you such retards that you dont get invited to parties?

    Go to the game, cheer on the lads, have a good time and enjoy yourselves but leave the hillbilly fancy dress kits at home, please!

    [/quote]It''s a thing, all or at least many, clubs do at the end of the season....it''s called having fun and joining in.....I''ll leave you and your inhibitions to sit quietly in the City stand!It''s what makes the end of the season what it is, pure celebration, hopefully in the sun!

  19. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    I hadn''t heard about their pirates record attempt, that should be superb to witness!!It''s a good nickname to try to imitate but i don''t think we could do ours very well....mmm, would some sort of regal attire work? To signify being champions?!
  20. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Tickets

    Good point, let''s hope so! Still, I''ll wait to see what I''ve got then make the call!
  21. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Away Plans?

    Has anyone got any special plans for Bristol Rovers away? Some big celebration will be fitting and quality.....it really should be the first time we run out as champions so will it be one 90minute party? Any fancy dress to act as a pre-cursor to PL day the following week?
  22. It''s a very good sign, it sounds like they''ve been chatting all season!
  23. GUcanary

    Bristol Rovers Tickets

    I''m sure they''ll turn up soon.

    I have seen that the remaining unsold ones are in the terrace, so it

    looks like they filled the seating area up first which is annoying, if

    we put down ''either'' then i guess we''re all in seating?!
  24. GUcanary

    Parade / civic reception

    Exactly! It has been amazing achievement, we have had to battle and we have done so when other clubs that think they''re on a par with us couldn''t!I heard David McNally say that he wants to do something for the fans so a civic reception at the City Hall is most likely.
  25. GUcanary

    Holty And Hoolahan

    Yeah I bet they were too! Still, they''ll be there this Saturday when it really matters for the party!i found it strange that SSN had an interview with Askou outside the Jarrold stand after it all! Why him and why there?! They then hung around outside Morrisons to quiz the locals!