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  1. You''re idiots to be judging such a quality player btw. Someone has already said, you''re 11th and he''s played the most games in your squad. God knows where you think you should be and who should be playing for you in your first season back.
  2. [quote user="Jacko"]I do rate him. He has been decent this season. Had an off day today, but there you go. I am sure Howson and Snodgrass will have off days when they are playing for us to.[/quote] Snoddy never has an off day. The geordies will love him!
  3. I thought you all loved him and it was ridiculous for us Leeds fans to have ever called him "average"?
  4. We wish! We''re getting Phil Brown or someone similar.
  5. You didn''t buy Bradley Johnson from us though. So so far your "feeder club" has "fed" you errrr one player.
  6. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]The games against Leeds in the previous two season were highlights. Proper supporters, passionate and loud. Shame they have a buffoon in charge. Grayson always seemed a decent guy too.[/quote] He was a nice guy. A rarity in football. Had lots of faults (couldn''t stop us conceding, couldn''t get us to consistently play it on the deck, was poor in the transfer market) but also has a 49% win percentage working under a regime that has a transfer record fee of £400k! Leeds fans are calling for Colin. Colin''s best ever win percentage was 43%. We won''t make an inspired appointment like Rogers or Lambert. It''ll be someone who won''t question Bates so it''ll be a tired old hasbeen like Bruce/Brown or one of Bates'' mates like Di Matteo or Zola. And the cycle continues.
  7. [quote user="a1canary"]Seriously ww, we do. The topic of "when will Lambert leave" is never far from our minds because we know this could all end very quickly, especially if we don''t have a succession plan and don''t learn from every minute of the last 7 years. Not to mention from all the other cautionary tales that litter recent premier league history. We have been where you are, (although spared of an owner like Bates admittedly) and if I''m honest, I don''t care if you''re Leeds, Blackburn, Portsmouth or whoever, it''s not something I like to see.[/quote] Appreciated.
  8. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="WW"]Great quote from Bates on Yorkshire Radio (his radio station) an hour ago: "We''re bulding a club first and a team second." Do you lot know how lucky you are?[/quote]There''s many on here who can''t stand our joint majority shareholders and have repeatedly called for investment - any investment, any foreign cartel or clique - to be given the club to run, and/or for Delia & MWJ to sell up and stand down because "someone would have to take over and anyone''s better than the current lot." Some - 1st Wizard, for one - were calling for the club to be put into administration to force them out.I''m sorry that any supporters have to go through the sh*t that you lot seem to be right now, but this looks like an object lesson to the moaners here re: the old cliche about the grass not being greener on the other side.[/quote] From the outside, and I ofcourse don''t know all the facts, your club seems to be run well. Your manager is tactically astute and has a great eye for a player, you keep your best players and you''re 10th in the premiership. Sounds like a dream to me. Imagine you''re 10th in The Championship, Ken Bates is your chairman and he''s sold Fox, Holt and Hoolahan and has replaced them with three loans from Aston Villa''s/Stoke''s reserves then he tells you all the money has gone. Then you''re asked to pay £700 to watch it all. And if you don''t like it and you protest he calls you a "moron".
  9. Great quote from Bates on Yorkshire Radio (his radio station) an hour ago: "We''re bulding a club first and a team second." Do you lot know how lucky you are?
  10. [quote user="First Wizard"]I''m shocked and what a odd time to do it.[/quote] Not really. Bates doesn''t have any money to give to the new manager (it''s all in the Cayman Islands you see) to spend so sacking Grayson a day after the transfer window closes makes perfect sense. Rather terrifyingly though I sat behind Phil Brown at the home match against Ipswich last week. Please god no.
  11. [quote user="tom cavendish"]Howson was trying to be respectful towards the club he supports, he was at since a youth, and who were interviewing him. If you actually listen to his words, he talked a lot about how he was going to a great club.Howson seems well grounded and isn''t a primadonna. It would be a great idea to get Eadie to help him with fishing so that it helps Howson settle into the area and feel at home.With Howson and Johnson at Norwich, Snodgrass must be wishing that he could join them. I wouldn''t be surprised if one of the reasons why they have been signed is to help attract Snodgrass.[/quote] With respect, I don''t think he''ll end up with you. I think everyone outside the top 5 will have their eye on his situation. There''ll be plenty of interest when he becomes available.
  12. [quote user="Ruddygore"]I don''t care how much you beg Willard, you''re not having Delia and McNasty.[/quote] Haha.
  13. [quote user="Lambert is god"]I seem to remember reading somewhere the other day that Howson had won Man of the Match more times this season than any other Leeds player. If true, he can''t by definition be just average, can he? [/quote] You read wrong. Adam Clayton and Snodgrass have had the most MOM''s for us this season.
  14. [quote user="canary_bird"]I rather got the impression that WW is eager to put over how average Howson is in every way, not sure why he is so obsessed with this as you''d think he wouldn''t be too much of a loss to the team in that case ... Well, I''m sure Matty Pattison would be a more than adequate replacement.[/quote] Doubt it... http://www.leedsunited.com/news/20120127/no-united-deal-for-matty_2247585_2589879
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