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  1. stop livin in da past we all know what he has done 4 us but are we gonna keep playin crap and then everyone sayin after da match "oh well who cares about the result he got us promoted in season 03/04" WORTHY OUT!
  2. ne better ideas lads? Burley perhaps.... I think not
  3. I believe there is only one man for the job and that is Brian Kerr. There is no better unemployed gaffer at the moment apart from Bobby Robson but i think we dont ave a hope in hell of getting him for obvious reasons. The other options are to take a dip into the lower divisions which is something i wouldnt want us to do as it possibly means that the manager will be unexperienced at our level. Ive waisted my time writin this because it aint gonna happen until the board makes the right decision and get rid of worthy! The board should take action tonight when we loose to cardiff!
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