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  1. Interesting that Mr Lakey says that abuse spewed forth from the executive boxes at Layer Road, when we didnt actually have any boxes there! :-)
  2. The worrying thing is our local paper reports the chap in question is 50! Nice to see some people never grow up. Fair play on Saturday, you deserved the win.
  3. Just replying to myself too. Not a cheap trick by our chairman, but if you look, there is a recruitment fayre by the Army trying to get people from across East Anglia to join the army. Seems perfectly logical to me.
  4. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Para''s... if they wanted heavies they should have gone for the Marines (proper hard soldiers)!!! Of course they should get the ovation they truely deserve, just another cheap trick by Colchester to fill the stands, they could have easily waited for a game against Exeter of Carlisle? [/quote] A cheap trick to fill the stands? Lol, paranoid or what. If it''s the same as when theyve been before, the band has only ever numbered 15-20.
  5. Largey, that''s been a discussion on our board this week too. In fairness, I think many fans would accept a draw in amongst all of this. It might not be the worst result in the world for either side.
  6. And not as generous to the Colchester fans? I think the two or three million he has spent on transfers plus wagers since he has been chairman is plenty generous enough, thanks.
  7. Irregardless of your point of view about Colchester United as a club, surely the fact that we could go three points behind with two games in hand, or you could go nine points ahead, suggests that it IS a big game this weekend?
  8. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]They all look the same in Colchester :(Generations of inbreeding does that :([/quote] A touch ironic, that.
  9. [quote user="yellow hammer"]Knobby Scowling is a little boy out of his depth. You might want to boycott his Jobserve website.[/quote] The one that appears on your official website? :)
  10. [quote user="Dogger in Top 2"]Good thing is, our lawyers are watching and keeping notes on Cowlings behaviour - none of this will look good on him at the hearing!![/quote] With the best will in the world, the original article simply isn''t true and any fan, Colchester or Norwich, thinking it might be an accurate article - needs their heads looking at!
  11. No, the car park was fine. It was more that the long term forecast was that the snow wasnt going to ease and that Carlisle fans faced one of the longest journeys in the country that day. Hence an early call-off, which I know you guys probably would have appreciated at Walsall!
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