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  1. To win a major trophy. The FA Cup.
  2. Rightly so! In those days, 'promotion from within' meant you could almost assume who the next Manager would be (the reserve team Manager) - so Stringer followed Brown, and Walker followed Stringer. A legacy. Liverpool did the same.
  3. Agreed. That goal gave us genuine hope. March 1993.
  4. This is akin to what happened with Angus Gunn. Southampton paid £10m to Man City for him, after his fine season with Norwich in the Championship. If Norwich want Skipp, put an offer on the table, Skipp will get a season of Premier League starts at Norwich, which he and his agent knows he won't get with Spurs. Premier League appearances are currency too.
  5. Mike Walker's first game, away to Arsenal, 2-0 down at half-time. Brings on Mark Robins, who turns the game, 2-4, final score. Roy Waller was giddy on the commentary that day.
  6. A rare post from me, but I recalled the ''Rumbelows Sprint Challenge'' shown on Saint and Greavsie from 1991/2. I think Fox was chosen to represent Norwich, but was eliminated in the heats. I think that Ekoku won the first version of the challenge prior to joining Norwich. Ekoku would therefore be my answer. Although Adrian Forbes could run, seemingly like he was escaping from something.
  7. Anyone whom wants to remain in a seated part of the ground can continue to purchase tickets for that part of the ground. The 15% of the ground (whole blocks) that have the rail seats installed would most likely be in seated formation the majority of games. "Big" games (based on demand) would utilise the standing option and provide the opportunity to reach 30,000 attendees for those games. This may only be a few times per season. Reconfiguration of toilets would be part of the considerations. As would health and safety implications. For example, phased stewarded exiting could be used to keep the pressure off exits. Bethnal - many thanks for the experience you bring to the thread.
  8. Thanks Bethnal - shows how it works. Thanks Morty for posting the 4 to 7 ratio which is where I got the information from. The precedent is there.
  9. Morty , the ratios can be found online. Sorry I don''t have the link to hand.
  10. As I mentioned in earlier threads about increasing capacity, this will be the way Carrow Road can have 30,000 crowds in the short term. The earlier thread I contributed to pointed to the conversion of around 4000 existing seats to rail seating. This then gives a capacity of 27000 seated or just over 30000 "mixed". Since many Champions League stadiums are already utilising such arrangements, the Premier League will lobby for change to.
  11. Anytime. For those interested in understanding more, 4000 seats would yield 7200 standing when configured for standing. Therefore a 27000 "seated" attendance could be uplifted to 30,000 by enabling the choice to stand. Obviously, this is someway off in the premier league, but is well used in Germany. Maybe in the next 5 years it could indeed become a reality.
  12. Mr J. Feel free to check out the facts on this matter by following this link (I don''t know how to make it clickable) but that website is very helpful. http://www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk/the-proposal/the-proposal-continued---the-sums
  13. Safe standing means that the "seats" can be used as seats or terrace. Therefore to achieve 30,000 attendance around 5000 "seats" would have to be of that type ( which can be made into standing areas ). The ground would still have 27000 seats. But 5000 of those would be suitable to be used as standing areas to provide the capacity gain to 30000 when needed.
  14. I think there is an element of the club being decisive with these players. All of which have very good pedigrees, but the club has moved them on, without seeking a fee for each. Considering we paid around £5m for that group of players, it seems that the club might be equally decisive in moving on Lafferty and RVW. Both of which I assume weren''t in Norfolk to be released in the first batch.
  15. Much depends on whether Jerome can sustain any sort of form in the premier league. We have seen that Norwich will carry out of favour players (Becchio, Bunn) but RVW will have very good agents whom will find him a way out because they get paid. He is still a huge asset (on paper) and that is what counts. His agents will have something sorted for him - in a top flight club somewhere. That is great for him and us.
  16. I''m a multi use site advocate. Get people in and around the stadium when its not in use. For that reason, I like the hotel being there. On a Monday in mid June, the ground can be a conference venue for business and it needs an on site hotel. Its about the sustainability of the ground long term, mixed use. And I do think we''ll see safe standing areas in the next ten years. That will mean crowds nearer 30,000 within the existing infrastructure
  17. My view is that the whole stand needs replacing, so I agree its not just about seating. It needs replacing with a modern commercial multi use stand just like the Jarrold (which has offices in it). The Jarrold cost £8m in 2004 and has around 8700 seats. In 2013, the Chairman said a new stand would cost £30m. One of those numbers must be near the realistic one. In terms of how to house the incumbants of the City stand during the rebuild, I have no idea. But would suggest the following short term measures. a) house the away fans in the Barclay upper (which is what it was built for) b) maximise the home use of the Jarrold (since there will be no segregation) c) in the short term (again) seek to house those ST holders elsewhere in the ground and accept some people will be disappointed. My view is that a 30,000 stadium, would be the kind of space that allows for the ground not to look empty at 26,000 (if we''re in league 1) and to be packed to the rafters in the premier league. I do not actually know the capacity of the current city stand however. There should be some thought given about housing the away supporters differently to avoid the loss of seats due to segregation. All of our discussions have failed to consider the potential push toward ''safe standing'' areas, which would challenge our narrow view of potential capacity matters .
  18. Additionally , Carlos Cuellar was a few seats from me in block 104.
  19. 10 am from Hastings. Couple of pints of mild in town. Up the jubilee line by 13.30.
  20. You know it makes sense! Light and dark mild, alpine lager, £2.34 a pint. Always found it a decent old pub. No gimmicks, no telly, no music, proper beer.
  21. I''m heading up from the south coast too. There''s a Sam Smiths pub on Fleet Street, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. An hour there will set me up nicely for the jubilee line to Wembley Park.
  22. I''ll be travelling up from Hastings and wondered if anyone would be up for liftsharing along the A 21? Cheers
  23. Just seen this. Happy to have it if it doesn''t work out for earlier takers. I live on the South Coast so would be able to collect at the ground. PM here. Ben
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