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  1. Is it a crime to suggest that the team could be improved by other players we currently have in the squad? Is it a crime to question Paul Lambert''s decisions?  Let''s not forget that I am one of Paul Lambert''s biggest fans and stated that he would do a good job for us before most did on here. However it is this narrow minded thinking by certain sections of our support which contributed to the mess that we got in to under Worthington, Grant, Roeder and club legend Gunn. Lambert although doing well is in charge of a very big club in the 3rd tier of English Football.  As Nutty says, he has a long way to go yet before we can put him up with Worthy or any other of City''s top managers from the past. This defeat was preventable and many fans have been asking for the changes that many more are now starting to ask for after todays defeat for the last few weeks if not before. Blind happiness with everything led us to Div 3... please learn from the error of your ways!   Are you really so deluded as to think that you''re opinion has any bearing on who is picked for the team????    
  2. Don''t believe it for a second but this was on the guardian website.......   12.26pm: "News in Norwich is that Wes Hoolahan is going to Hull for £2.5m to replace the outgoing Stephen Hunt," writes Tom Russell. Or Russell Tom, it really is quite hard to tell. Then again, so was this 10.23am: Nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, nothing''s happening, ... oh, look - a bee.
  3. boring post... until i saw your reply which was quality!! I didn''t think it was boring at all, don''t be mean. Yeah, don''t be mean! I just thought it was interesting, watching SSN earlier and wondering if Simon Thomas has a little flick onto the PinkUn during the ad breaks. But never fear, I''ll stick to reading the endless dull posts about Lambert leaving, Leeds, Col Who, when our run will end and administration. I have often wondered if any players have a little dabble on here, though I wonder if they would give themselves away. I bet at least some of them read these forums. Mr Gunn knew all about Smudger when I told him that if he was to continue in the job that he would probably go down as the worst manager in Norwich City''s history. I reckon that Hucks and Earnie have both had a read and a chuckle in the past also plus a few other not so quite illustrious names from City''s past. You keep referring to yourself as the third person, are you sure you’re not Glenn Roeder?
  4. I apologize Wizard. It was just something I had to get off my chest and didn’t have a chance at the time. And yes it was personal. I disagree that football and politics are not related and would love to elaborate. I also think that if you make your political stance known on a public forum then it should be open to debate. But I stand corrected (said the man in the orthopedic shoes), it’s not the right thread. I also think Nelson is not fit to lace the Docs boots, but that’s just not that interesting…And thank you for the welcome city angel, I think we got off on the wrong foot (see above)
  5. Hmmm, who was it who said “what’s in a name”? Tell you what, you can call me “child who wonders in to a conversation” unless you can think of anyone else more fitting of that description. It is my first post, the reason I joined was I was disgusted by an article I read on here regarding Nick Griffin. The views appalled me to the point that I wished to highlight the calibre of some of the posters on here and make sure everyone knows their political stance. Until now I haven’t had the time. That was the point of my post, I’m not sure I follow yours.   P.S   Wiz also got my mate banned
  6. Wiz is B.N.P, thats all you really need to know about the man. Ignore or ridicule, whatever floats your boat.
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