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  1. i wondered what was going on over there, glad he is ok. i stopped concerntrating on the pitch to look over
  2. i was in group two so im pleased im going. im going by canary coach, cant wait now
  3. the atmosphere has been great the last few home games. im loving being in the barclay at the moment, roll on next season
  4. im still waiting, grrr, got my ticket confirmed for the brighton game!!
  5. lmao, man u are just a bunch of glory hunters, fly the norwich flag high up in the sky, we will keep the green flag flying high
  6. they didnt sell all their tickets, that was beautiful to chant that two days ago. its like the colchester saga the other way round, lmao. oh and the other teams in the league and leeds, be very afraid!!!
  7. the next one is Delia, eat your heart out darling
  8. im in the 2nd group, as this will be my first away match of the season and im a season ticket holder, i hope to go to more away matches before the end of the season.  
  9. when do we find out if our written application has been successful? cant take the suspense
  10. 3-0 win to us. Holt with a hat trick again or oli johnson with a goal cant wait to finally go top of the league!!!!
  11. hes trying to act like that croatian manager, nerving the opposition, and what happened next we thrashed croatia. i wouldnt worry about it. he will eat his words after the game. one of gunnys useless signings. every team in this league is trying to disrupt our form by throwing in nerving words, aint guna work!!!
  12. 2bh, i would prefer to see a home game now cause we havnt had one for nearly two weeks, i need to get away from it all. brentford for me. i cant get my ticket for walsall anyway.
  13. i nearly buggered over at carrow road at the norwich v exeter match but i wouldnt give two bums about it. see the funny side to it and move on
  14. this is what i think, every club in the league should have undersoil heating when they enter the leagues. why should such extreme weather scupper matches. and as for outside the grounds surrounding area it is the councils responsibility , and the local people should chip in if they want a game to go ahead. find it really pathetic that 83 matches have been called off cause of it. why make up excuses like this.
  15. sorry already going :) lower barclay for me and forever!!
  16. leeds will drop more points and norwich coukld easily be up there, i can see it happening, if we beat huddersfield, which we will as our home form is so good, we cant really rule out the top 2
  17. i do love the Grant is on fire one, got a good catch to it
  18. cannot believe i missed that and i watch gmtv all the time, im never oversleeping again!!!
  19. exactly, why convict us of anything if there wasnt any red cards, dont see a problem, is it the FA trying to book another fight with us
  20. nothing is going to happen, we are just controlling our debts and getting rid of them thats all
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