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  1. i like i have this arrogant leeds fan and he is trying to convince me that leeds are the best team in the league
  2. which is the best team in the division? taking everything into account
  3. jesus christ, we lose one game and we all get on lamberts back, we are still top ya know, some people are never grateful. be happy, we are winning games, got a good squad, a brill manager, top of the league, can i go on
  4. get off your backside and go to the store then, if youre complaining about postage costs
  5. whoever put paul lambert hasnt picked grant holt for the last three games, obviously you havnt been watching city recently, grant holt has a 3 match ban and is back at brighton, he got sent off, what a tweeb that poster is
  6. it was awful seeing that cocky johnny weir representing the city stand, i just sat back and cringed
  7. i got mates down there, its just the journey, but it should be fun, im picking it up from holt depot
  8. whos travelling on the coach that day? im going solo, but i hope some people can make me feel welcome to this. show me what you do every away game, i want it to be a really good day
  9. I havnt seen that place before, for the away fans compleat angler at the end of prince of wales road next to the bridge, always good banter in there
  10. if you want a good evening and night, go to riverside and prince of wales road, they have two big nightclubs on the road, which are mercy and liquid, and lots of decent bars. essence is really good, as well as wetherspoons
  11. im guna get a ticket for that, going to go to da last remaining away games
  12. In holt its fine but other places might be worse off, but we havnt had that much of a snowfall.
  13. 3 or 4-0 win, cant wait to have granty back, chris martin could benefit on this and get a couple and oli johnson. easy win this weekend.
  14. stop bloody pancing it isnt that much. norwich havnt called off any of our games so far, look back to reality
  15. if you want to make us think we are arrogant think again. my ex mate hes a Leeds fan and he was so far up his own arse, going on and on about how brill leeds are and how they are going to win the league hands down. Arrogance doesnt get you anywhere, it will punch you in the face. Look where norwich are now, 3 points above them, think they were on some sort of whirlwind, and come back to reality. They aint as good as our team
  16. Epic fail Scot manager, even though he nearly did get them to the world cup, or am i thinking of the wrong team
  17. is bryan gunn still moping around somewhere, he went quiet but then he was at the colchester match. probably wanted to see another thrashing for colchester, didnt happen. probs tear jerking enough for him, bless him
  18. its course they have Granty as their number 2, and thats where they went wrong
  19. Peter Grant epic fail with every club he goes to, Celtic are the big fools. Good luck to Rangers now
  20. how the hell did he get there? probs very lucky i think
  21. Hes just disappeared from the centre of this earth and not forgetting Roeder the rat
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