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  1. yeah ok we have had two defeats in the last four games i think. hopefully that will be the end of it, and we nearly lost at brighton, think its about time we made our voices heard throughout the team, they need a mega kick up the backside by the looks of it. i wonder why the away fans are chanting at us top of the league youre having a laugh. we do look like a complete laugh, lets sort this out and put every bad result behind us tomorrow night. if we dont beat southend we need should start worrying!!!
  2. i swear someone is thick headed, the reason why we turn up is the fact that we are passionate about our club and are not glory hunters unlike some people especially man u fans. and its entertainment and it gets me out of the house every sat and due to me working full time it gives me a break to support my club.  end off
  3. laugh my head off, to join in for the sake of it, im in NR25, and the weather forecast is that the snow has stopped and we have had half a cm of snow. Dont manic!!!
  4. oh hell and im going aswell, oh great so im going to look like an eskimo, holy hell, this should be fun
  5. the view does look different to what  i get at norwich but it should be an experience
  6. im meant to put in just opinionated, ah well, roll on saturday, when we have grant holt back
  7. what is their style of football, i seem to remember that it didnt really affect us when we thrashed them, hmmmm
  8. shame you couldnt post sumit a bit more relevant. jamie cureton signed for shrewsbury, good for him, glad he found a club which suits his abilities, hes gone into league 2 as championship and league 1 was to much for him, kinda proves what a useless player he was. call me whatever you want mate, never heard a high opinionated girl who knows about norwich.. congratulations mate, now who looks like the tit
  9. its that meant to make us look good, certainly doing the trick, proves that carrow road is a fortress. and we even beat man u and chelsea in the points total margin. whats the hint anyway?
  10. i wont miss him, dont know why we bought him anyway, he was to old, and goal wise, what a load of crap. glad to see the back of him
  11. all i can say to the colchester fans is...whats it like to see a crowd?!
  12. So who are the underdogs in this? Norwich?
  13. i will definitlt be there, cheering on the team in the lower barclay. the ex championship teams playing against each other always makes a good game
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