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  1. i know one leeds fan very well and he aint too happy about norwich being top. kinda makes me smile inside. the feelgood factor is back!! great day on sat, it was a brill day out, and worth the result!!
  2. that was a joke but feel free to chant it xx
  3. paul lambert is having a party breezer coke and a bottle of barcardi lol xx
  4. nah we aint at the finishing line just yet. i aint going to be cocky and say we have won the league as we havnt. leeds are only 4 points behind us, anything can happen. but we need to remain positive and go for the final push xx
  5. i will be happy with a draw away from home, but 3 points is what im defos after
  6. In your opinion, are these the most crucial games to our season, which will guarantee if we are going to finish 1st or 2nd? where are we going to finish come mid may? u reckon charlton and colchester can catch us or is it too late for them?
  7. i would of never of known that, lol. arent they rivals to the sunken portsmouth?
  8. March is a big month for all of us and im making sure im attending every home and away game in this month. im behind the team fully. it is going to be a tough month but with our mental strength and support we can get through it and get automatic promotion dont worry about anyone else, let us be the first team in the leagues to get promoted first, OTBC!!!!!!
  9. LMAo i got that through the door, i renewed today though
  10. Come on city for that final push!!! we have gone through hell the last few seasons!! paul lambert and mcnally thanks for making our club worth coming to again. lets get behind the boys and good luck for the remaining games. OTBC!!!!!!!
  11. Whos bought their tickets for the game and where are you lot sitting?
  12. ive renewed mine so no chance of getting my seat
  13. i was enjoying singing that at the back of coach 1 with my lot. its orginal.
  14. I went to school with luke daley, rossi and ryan jarvis. i got to see luke daley play at a young age at holt primary and he looked alright. i didnt get to see the jarvis brothers in fakenham high, but glad to see they are doing well. very proud to have gone to school with them
  15. what you mean an to ny mc na mee, he looks f**kin quick to me, with a knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone fabio capello on the phone. it is kinda catchy
  16. LMAO think my mate jack made that chant up.  its kinda catchy
  17. His armband shows hes yellow and green grant holt grant holt, his armband shows hes yellow and green grant holt grant holt, his armband shows hes yellow nd green he is a f***in goal machine, super grant holt norwichs number 9!!! na na na na na na na na love it!!!
  18. paul lambert is having a party, brisk of coke and a bottle of barcardi!!! paul lambert is having a party!!!!
  19. as im picking it up from the depot, as it is a large amount of supporters i predict about 8-10 coaches
  20. i joined in, found it hilarious, sumed him up totally. i did prefer that version
  21. i do know that, after our performance its no wonder they said that
  22. i do have one thank you, but meaningful threads dont amuse me
  23. did you not go to the southampton game or something?
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