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  1. i hate people who leave early and i hate stewards who tell you to sit down!! im bloody 5ft and have tall people in front of me!!! but they have been nice as we are all getting to know each other. but seriously stop telling us to sit down cuz we are only going to stand up again, what a waste of time that is for them
  2. lol. ah i got a few guys for that. im going to wait until i get to orient, then pop it
  3. Im ready to get my bottle of champagne out but dont quite know when to. Good chance with orient, hope i can sneak it onto the coach!!
  4. hmmm, im doing that. imaturity. lets concerntrate on the big game tomorrow. get 3 points closer to the championship
  5. Defence, the attackers in this league are so poor we can afford to have her in that position lol
  6. what are your predictions for this match which is live on sky? i predict a 4-0 win
  7. are you just going to pick up on everything, if you think im a liar ask my away lot. oh i was on the front page of the pinkun last mon for the swindon game
  8. [quote user="Wembley_Canary"]I would guess that we will get something like 1,100 fans at Tranmere. Do you go to all away games? You seem to have away tickets every week. Good effort![/quote] since brighton i have gone to every away game, and hope to go to charlton and bristol
  9. is that all. lets get back to what we were talking about
  10. thank you, least someone agrees with me
  11. thats crap, we dont find out until mon 5th april, great joke!!!
  12. God anyone who is associated with leeds are cocky arent they. Oh look at us we will win promotion, ummm sorry grayson darling but im looking forward to watching you lot in the play offs. sitting on the sofa with a glass of champagne in my hand. thinking that could of been leeds doing this
  13. I know its on sky and stuff but i decided to go up with the atmosphere, but was wondering how many of us are prepared to do the long trip to merseyside?
  14. ive bought my tickets, was like 13th in the queue but patience is a virtue. OTBC!!!!
  15. any away game for the rest of the season could seal us promotion, im going to make sure im at every one
  16. i will buy my ticket by phone tomorrow morn. see if i can get through. fingers crossed
  17. Oh thats just great cause im working tomorrow and going into the city today, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  18. Ive booked my days off for it, and now waiting impatiently for them to come on sale, anyone have any ideas when we can start buying tickets? ahhhhhhh
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