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  1. Emm nothing really, i enjoyed the grounds but glad we aint going back to them. and no international break x
  2. Come the Norwich v Barnsley game, is there going to be a minutes silence for 9/11?  as the twin towers did start burning around 3 o clock. would be nice to pay our respects
  3. having a day up norwich shopping and having a drink at the murderers. good fun :) xx
  4. being in the top20 attendances is really good, shame we cant afford to expand out stadium to compete with the bigger grounds. we have the support for it
  5. i remember last year serving Craig fleming in budgens of holt. i had to look twice before realising it was him. cant remember what he bought though. something healthy i think. he was very nice
  6. that song makes me laugh all the time,what a classic, im always singing it
  7. theres absoultuly nothing wrong in celebrating what we have achieved this season after what happened at the start. im guna be down there on thurs celebrating with everyone else, why not!!! dont be so selfish and arrogant. its also sumit for the kids and for non-season ticket holders who havnt had the chance to celebrate with the club
  8. oh god another repeat of tranmere, i cant take any more!!!!!!!!
  9. clinch the title exactly 6 months until im twenty, thats worthy of a celebration!!!! im getting down on it in Squares before the game. Come on Norwich lets do it and show league 1 that we are the best team in this league!!!!!
  10. exactly, why shouldnt they be able to celebrate it with us, this doesnt come round too often
  11. its a pleasure, ive surely enjoyed every minute of it. tomorrow is going to be a very special day if the boys do it justice!!!
  12. why people being so downsided about it, we have gone through a tough few years, arent we entitled to see the players enjoying themselves and us celebrating with them at a civic reception which is due and an open top bus parade, think of the youngsters they need something to enjoy. i remember when i was that age i loved celebrating like this. let all norwich fans have a get together on this day and celebrate which is sumit we havnt done ina while. long overdue!!!!!!!!!
  13. im getting dressed up in a tutu and legwarmers, you know, distract the carlisle players so we can thrash them. green and yellow or course :)
  14. probs a five or ten min walk to the stadium but quite near
  15. lol, oh yeah!!! duhhh!!! well im half way there
  16. Umm i think it does, weird system though. cuz ive been to the last 5 away games, and going to leyton orient and charlton. ah well least i will still get free coach travel if i collect 40 stubs
  17. ha, i got lucky, i was unsuccessful, but the football club rang me up the morning after saying someone had returned their ticket and asked if i wanted it. pure luck or what!!! Charlton here i come!!!
  18. Will the stubs already collected on away games these season, count for next season aswell. or will i have to start again, cause i will have 7 by the end of this season. and hope to carry it on so i have enough for the scum!!!
  19. Well worth trying, i had her ranting and raving behind me at the tranmere game, should of encouraged her to sing with us. Damn if only she starting singing the referees a w****r!!!
  20. who do i hate who deserves to be in there Norwich city stewards, Ipswich team and their fans, Kevin Friend, Tottenham Hotspur, Man U, emmmmmm
  21. i think we should get Delia to start singing!! that will get the rest of the city stand singing, having that noise right in the managers ears will be welcoming
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