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  1. well im sure PL wont sell jackson for anything under £5million. hes going to be one dangerous striker to deal with. Good luck John Terry and rio Ferdinand.
  2. I noticed that, how come no one was allowed on the castle mound this time. i wouldve gone on there. health and safety as per usual. miserable gits
  3. im sure that wont be the case, we stick behind paul Lambert no matter what. hes done alot for us. so i aint guna get in his face if we lose a few. he could be the next Sir Alex Ferguson. Im Paul Lambert we trust!!
  4. well that will be fun. im certainly going now. good team for adam drury to play against. Well done on ten years with norwich city. u deserve it xx
  5. Typical and weird, i pass my driving test today n lansbury is caught speeding. funny how that happens x
  6. yeah just hope kenny is nicer to us then what newcastle was with forster.  
  7. well i hope they get a season ticket but the chances are very low i reckon. cant wait to see the big boys
  8. and thats exactrly why i renewed why went into league 1!!! gutted for the fans on the waiting list!!!
  9. i didnt mind Coventry Fc at first and was very impressed with their ground and shopping facilities near by. but now they can rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disrespectful pricks!!! and you guys as a premiership side, get real!!!! the club is just guna go downhill for now on. enjoy the championship!!!
  10. im ashamed that i was on the pitch mon night............NOT!!!!! i enjoyed running round the pitch in bare feet cuz of the shoes i wore. quality night!!!!!
  11. Im happy with us finishing 2nd. it wont feel right becoming champions, because we didnt win enough games to become that. i prefer to become 1st knowing we did it on merit. so yeah the FA have really screwed up this time. Should of been sorted out ages ago
  12. Throw the young players into the starting line up. the job is done now x
  13. Knowing im going to Anfield for the first time next season!!!!! But most important restoring the pride back into the club. and knowing our lives are about to change again!!!
  14. ive always thought martin was a bit of a joker!!! brilliant touch to it!! can we see him in his pants on saturday? by chance? xx
  15. thank you Delia and  Mcnally!!! and also a thanks to the Wonderman Paul Lambert and the brilliant players. We are all in this together!!!!!! now lets enjoy it!!!!
  16. haha quality!!! work is going to be so much fun today!!!
  17. packed stadium and there are still home tickets, ipshit this is a big game, youre an embarrassment, cuz my mates wouldve loved to have gone. bunch of pricks
  18. its interesting how ipswich fans think they have a fantastic fanbase. all i can do is laugh at that. what a joke
  19. Whos going to portman road on thurs? im intrigued. Im not too happy that Ipswich havnt allocated us more tickets. but hey im not complaining as i have one x
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