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  1. thank you ziderman, your team was great to watch and provided good tv entertainment, in a good way. Delia loved the catering, and you are welcome to play us in a pre-season friendly. your team made a good account of themselves. thank you
  2. never researching on wikipedia ever again, load of crap. well lets hope we get through and finally get in the area final then get the away tie first. gives us an advantage if we draw
  3. has anyone forgotton, this is a two leg game, after i did research. that means we will get to see the semi final at home aswell. not the end of the world ya know
  4. yes he said that yesterday in the edp if you read it
  5. as my mate kelvin said. keep the ball on the ground, get it to the wide areas, and thr wind shouldnt effect the score whatsoever. they have played in these conditions before, they know how to deal with it
  6. what a joke, when are we ever going to get a home tie, agree there, we would of earned a place in the final. lets pull this out of the bag and reward us with a wembley trip!!!
  7. well the ground is always full, and every norwich fan should be proud of having a fantastic football club who has a high attendance in league 1. this does make opponents wary of playing us
  8. yes it is byfords. i was going to apply there. holt is a nice place to retire, and for famous people to come and stay. havnt seen dion there yet, but a local customer has
  9. Information i found out ages ago, Dion Dublin has a holiday home in Holt, my hometown, whoop, whoop!!!
  10. in not expecting an upset, the players know what to do. 4-0 win to us i think
  11. Ipswich deserve respect, my arse!!!!! what team do you support darling, probs one of the big four. get a bloody life, and post sumit better
  12. im behind grant holt all the way, hez a great player, the team would be really empty without him
  13. southampton preferably. and for us to be drawn up against hereford. leave mk dons last  
  14. a dream come true for me. seeing norwich city at wembley, thats all i want. proud to be a supporter of them at the moment. lets cheer the boys on, on saturday, so they know we deserve a trip to wembley for a thanks for all our support for them.
  15. i like Go wes!!! i will be joining in on sat!!!
  16. big deal, dislike the bloke for ditching us for west ham.  not a norwich player whatsover!!!
  17. the scum fans just think just cuz they are in the league above, they are the best, emmm no, its about the passion, hell i would laugh if they went down, highly unlikely. we can only dream.
  18. i just wait for the big games, i got other stuff to pay for. but a trip to wembley wont go amiss.  
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