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  1. cant they see the funny side of it. i found it hilarious, and the FA should chill out, no one was hurt, brings out their toughness
  2. he can bugger off back to ipshit for all i care, god i even remember telling him he was cute, cringy!!! glad to see the back of him, the defeat still haunts me
  3. well i cant see leeds keeping it up, if they lose beckford, but one player dont make a team, so if they lose it, you can tell something is wrong. well up the league for us, as long as we keep pressing, then the pressure is on leeds
  4. finding it funny now, how norwich city are becoming a regular figure in FA charges, dont they not like us or something?
  5. probs signing Huckerby permanently, and getting promoted to the premiership. Not forgetting appointing paul lambert as manager.
  6. lol, that has got to be funny, hope we get through, the thought of going to wembley, wow!!!!
  7. i havent really got much to say myself, part from excellent squad, loving the season so far, and kets keep it going until the end of the season. i think people should stop moaning, makes you totally ungrateful for what lambert is doing with the club.  Paul lambert is going nowhere, he doesnt want the scotland job, he made it clear, end of convo. who would want it, scotland with any manager they have, they never make it to big competitions, they aint as good as England, get over it
  8. They have done it two seasons running i think, failed to get promotion. Will they suddenly have a bad run? i can see it happening. Look at MK dons, in 9th place now, they were one of the favourites.
  9. paul lambert has  made it clear that noone is going, even if there was a good asking price for the players, we have a promotion squad and we are going to stick by it, end off!!!
  10. if i was there, i wouldnt stop laughing, im such a piss taker, he mustve totally blundered over, im the sort of person to do something like that
  11. are we going to see the double throw in again like last time, that was hilarious
  12. i think squares in riverside shows the matches live. from what i can remember, hope that is a help, squares is opposite the bowling alley and odeon cinema
  13. laugh my arse off, well if ipswich is classed as part of norfolk, they certainly aint as big as norwich, sorry to disappoint
  14. i reckon it might be the same as last time brighton played us. i would be hoping for a comfortable win of 4-0, with holt with a couple, hoolahan and doherty, for some strange reason
  15. Ipswich town a small town in norfolk, someone doesnt know their geography, Ipshit will never be part of Norfolk. as fkr Roy keane, let him stay and give it one last go, give us norwich fans something to laugh at. im enjoying it for once, and laughing at ipshits 9-0 defeat at man u, dont think they can laugh now
  16. i think all we need is a couple more defenders, another wideman, and another target man who can reach Holts ability
  17. totally disagree, im petit and love my seat in the lower barclay, and changing it to terracing will be a major risk. theres a excellent atmosphere in the barclay, dont know what youre seeing.
  18. wake up and smell the paint girl, Bryan Gunn was not good enough, and bought in Loanees, when we didnt want them, we learnt that from last time. Stop living in your little fantasy, do you want to see Norwich in the relegation zone? The board had to do something about it, thats why Mcnally made the right decision and appointed paul Lambert, best decision ever made i think!!! The Norwich fans are happy for once, there is no negativity now, have you actually noticed. Bryan Gunn is in the past, we are looking upwards, not anywhere else. we have got a good team together now, who are very confident and are very commited to the club, if they arent, Lambert will something about it. wake up darling, im 19 and have realised whats best for our club, i have calling this for ages to take place, a manager with experience and who has the right attitude.
  19. what we did with worthington seasons ago. think logically, we aint getting any money from her so called business, just a label for her catering. cant believe she f**ked it up for Cullum. and we thought we had hope, im afraid until we get a takeover or get promoted we are going down with debt
  20. emm, how do you know that? kelvin why is it you know everything?
  21. saw him walking past the barclay during half time, is he giving lambert hints that he wants to play again, lol, we can only dream. great to see him though  
  22. bit ridiculilous having loads of stewrads over a kid, bit sad really. iwas watching it from block d in the lower barclay, what the hell, was funi to watch though. im a shortie so i prefer people to sit down, but i should of realised this when i decided to move in there. but hey a good match
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