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  1. There has been no stability over the past few years and I finally we have it! Well done Mcnally, you Lambert and all the players deserve the highest amount of credit possible, lets just keep it up till the end of the season!!
  2. If the appeal fails will the ban be extended like with Rio Ferdinand i think?
  3. To be fair that is pretty exspensive, When I went to Leeds this season I remember it costing £40 but that did include coach travel.
  4. Your so lucky[:D] Theoklitos bought a car of my neighbour[:$].....
  5. You forget to mention Colchester in there. But it does look good for us seeing who Leeds will be playing.[:)] Col U''s next 5 games are   Saturday, 20 February 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Colchester v Oldham, 15:00 Tuesday, 23 February 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Colchester v Brentford, 19:45 Saturday, 27 February 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Bristol Rovers v Colchester, 15:00 Monday, 8 March 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Colchester v Brighton, 19:45 Saturday, 13 March 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Carlisle v Colchester, 15:00
  6. Keep Kisnorbo in and put Wordsworth of Col U in for Abdou.
  7. Southampton havent been that great this season, minus their deduction they would still be 8 of the play-offs. Next season they will be a much better team, chance for their signings to gel.
  8. Dunno why Southampton have the most players in it?
  9. GK Davis (Saints) LB:- Robinson (Millwall) CB:- Doumbe (MK) CB:- Kinorsbo (Leeds) RB:- Amankwah (Swindon) LM:- Snodgrass (Leeds) CM:- Hammond (Saints) CM:- Lines (Bristol R) RM:- Hoolahan (Norwich) ST:- Lambert (Saints) ST:- Holt (Norwich) Manager:- Lambert (Norwich)   Dunno if it is opinion of a fan? Could be of an official website, eitherway its a bit strange? Chris Lines cm? and Doumbe at the back to name a few?
  10. We shouldn''t have sold him in the first place. I dunno if he would want to join us to be understudy to Forster though, but if we couldnt extend Forsters loan then he would be a good option as first choice.
  11. Huddersfield and Swindon away will be tougher than you make out, as you said Huddersfeild are unbeaten at home. I would take 2 points from those games.[:)]
  12. He is definitely still here, saw him about two weeks ago! I was a bit surprised when i read in fourfourtwo i think, that Theo was linked with a move to Everton before he joined us??
  13. [quote user="AVFC-NCFC"]Have you taken a penalty in a cup semi final and had a laser pen shining in you eye? How do you know how it affects you. Even so, a pitch invasion for that?[/quote] It''s a pretty big deal for Carlisle, getting to Wembley and knocking out Leeds in the process in front of their highest gate of the season.
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