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  1. Damian Francis maybe, he was a quality signing.   Hucks probably wins it but Francis is a second I think.
  2. Quite like the fact that this year we look have a number of players who could be in there.   1. Jen Berthal Askou- Brilliant defender reads the game awesomely and hope him to be living in his Norfolk long boat for a while. 2. Wesley Hoolahan- Technially a brilliant player can''t say much more about him. 3. Darel Russell- Looks to be at his Norwich best and look forward to seeing him back in the Championship not Lambert has sorted his disicpline out.   Sorry for not putting Holt in, I think he is brilliant I just thought i would be different ;)
  3. Anyone notice all goals today was Defensive errors, proves how big a player Askou is to us.   Yeah hope she makes a quick recovery to whatever it is
  4. Part of Hoolahan is that he loses the ball, we just need a strong left back to cover him, but with out a shadow of a doubt the fact he got injured for a few months last year was the reason we got relegated. He is the best technically gifted player there is in our club (or even league 1).   I went Tranmere last week and once again he was brilliant, he does drift in and out of games but when he is on the ball you cant help but stand up because usaully he makes something happen.   Also like to add I think Martin reads him well, I think the work very well together.
  5. [quote user="Big Bad John"]Smith, and Rudd is of course notable as a player with the potential to do great things as well.Adeyemi is very young of course, and he''s shown his talent, and scored a great goal against a weak Manchester United XI, but as of ''yet'' i don''t feel he''s had the same kind of drive and influence in the first team as his fellow youth team mates have in the league or cup. He''s capable, but many capable players haven''t made it in football, and there is nothing to say Adeyemi won''t go down this route.Of course that can change in time, but it''s my only ''slight'' concern keeping him out of for now at the moment.Why isn''t Dawkin in the list though? I''d say he''s worth a mention (far more likely to make it than Daley as far as i''m concerned atleast), along with Steer (however if it''s only players who''ve appeared for the first team i understand where your coming from in not including the latter).[/quote] Adeyemi is a year younger remember aswell, I have not seen Dawkins at all so cant really comment, but I Stephens and Dumic seem pretty solid aswell.
  6. Rudd, Steer and Smith I think. Do you think any will win a England Cap or play regularly in a Premier League team?
  7. Reminds me when I was at a NCFC game with my dad. And he shouted shoot Cureton, it was actually Carl Cort "/ I dont think Carl Cort and Jamie Cureton could look any different. like calling Megan Fox, Susan Boyle. I think I know why Lakey made that mistake, he was just so used to writing that Chadwick is injured, makes sense.
  8. I do think luck plays a part aswell, of course there are factors e.g location, fan base, access etc. but I do think that if a billionaire for example wanted a team in a certain area of the country and he didnt like one club ruling them out that surely is luck. But I am surprised we havn`t been bought out because obviously Norwich is one of the nicest cities in the UK and of course a brilliant countryside around it. There are 2 reasons that I think we havn`t been bought out 1. Delia 2. we are the closest city to Ipswich one of the worst towns in the UK
  9. Kamara, Stelling are brilliant just because of the comedy they provide on saturday afternoons. I do like Hansen, Gullit aswell. I hate with a passion Steve Beagrie and bloody Alan Shearer
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