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  1. Sadly, today is the last day I am able to troll your boards consistently.
  2. To be honest, ''my six fingered friends'' have only posted crap about you when you drew Paulton Rovers. Excluding that, the board is mainly an X-Factor and QuestionTime discussion forum.
  3. Yes, I am ''trilled'' to be here. Your admirance of our football club -> you post alot about us -> I bait you -> you take it and fight back -> I laugh./end
  4. I would go back to my own board, but you post so much crap about us on here there has to be someone to debate with you (hard to debate with some people on here ;)).
  5. Who said I was a boy?+ please, don''t even start on punctuation and grammar. Your forum is disgusting in comparison with ours.
  6. If it wasn''t a joke, what was the aim of your post then "breadwin"
  7. Awww Barclay Hero, you dedicated your signature to us <3+ Attleborough, dude, it''s just not funny anymore
  8. I''m sorry but they beat you 7-1 and they are higher in the league than you.... and you think you''re double the club they are. You tell our fans to stop living in the past and then you say you have better history and shit which makes you double the club they are? okay
  9. ''Can''t afford Taylor''. Yes, you sure know what you''re on about. Just because we aren''t a broke club, there is no need to get jealous. Also, I''m led to believe atleast one of the Stoke pair was interested in joining Ipswich, but Tony Pulis would not allow either to go because he wanted them for backup. I guess you''d have alot of success trying to lure Premier League fringe players? Exactly.
  10. It makes me laugh how badly almost every reply, excluding a couple of civilised Norfolk folk, took the bait. See you in May ;)
  11. I have to admit, althought it is the most overused pun, it made me chuckle.Shame you messed up the quote.
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