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  1. going to the game today and was wondering what kind of view you get from the front row of the barclay lower.
  2. PKC, if you do your research, a US oil company wanted to build an oil pipeline through afganistan. 1 year before 9/11 representatives of the taliban were in texas to talk about the pipeline. the taliban subsequently refused the pipeline which was in the interest of US and Bush (as he was governor of texas when they visited) and after 9/11 afghanistan was deemed to be a bad country and we must bomb them. talking of my argument being weakened, please tell me why sadam was so bad and mugabe, and now syria''s leader is not deemed to be bad and worthy of an invasion. i await your reply, and maybe in the meantime do some research on this subject before you pipe up with information that is not true.....
  3. I agree it was a bad day when 9/11 happened, but would we ever have a minute silence for the innocent hundreds of thousands that have lost their lives and homes in afghanistan and iraq? and isnt the jury stillout on who actually committed 9/11? nice thought to respect the day, but i think we should respect the many more innocent people that have died due to trigger happy bush and blair. remember, where did the hijackers come from, thats right saudi arabia, so why the f... did we invade afghanistan and iraq? oil? i think you should pay your respect at home, or even go to church to do that. lets keep minutes silence at football matches for things that a-happen in england and b-are associated with football.
  4. Out here in Singapore, we get a choice of every game played in HD. They love it outhere and for 15 pound a month i get to see every city game. going back to norwich at xmas to see family and i really want to get a couple of tickets for me and the mrs. she''s from chicago, so would love to show her how it is at the fortress!!!! enjoy the season, its going to be a lot of fun, and maybe people in singapore might know what shirt i am wearing when i have the yellow and green on!!!
  5. Hi, any city fans here in singapore? Would be good if there are any of us out here and meet up and watch the games this coming season. I''m sure if we win our first couple of games half of singapore will start supporting us as they are very fickle out here!!! I hope there are some out here
  6. Would be great if they could come out here to singapore. would love to get a chance to watch them, its been a few years. im just glad i can see every game on tv out here, they love the premier here, quality!!!!
  7. hi, living out here in singapore and its not easy watching city play. anyone know where i can watch a re-run of last nights game or even find it on a torrent site to download. i really want to sit down and watch the whole game and see how great we really were. also any city fans out here in singapore?
  8. City fan here in singapore, just wondering if there are anymore of us out here. seen one norwich shirt since i been here, would be good if there were more of us. cheers
  9. Hi, i live in Singapore and use a VPN which takes my internet connection from singapore to Uk and back to singapore. This means i can watch the goals on the bbc website, watch the late kick off show on bbc iplayer aswell. you can go to www.strongvpn.com and i pay $60 a year to have it and it allows me to watch the goals, bonus!!!!! Its well worth the money. hope this helps you out, guy
  10. Hi, i live in singapore and want to know how you get the match commentary through the internet. you talk about world player, what is this please.   cheers
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