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  1. Gotta love this from BJhttp://twitter.com/#!/dannywhite93/status/153958944015007744/photo/1
  2. My mate lives near the ground. he has got us home tickets, they are £24 for adults in certain parts of the ground.Just have to keep my head down when we score. Or maybe not!
  3. Bally was a few years below me at ThorpeAlways used to watch him play football at lunch, the speed that boy had then was amazing.The fact that he has played is Champions League Quals is amazingGood luck to the guy
  4. What a great post.It all looks fantastic.Great Work
  5. Had a phone call from Dad today, and was told that Chocolate Nutter - One of the Why Not Brewerys best beers has just been crowned Top Norfolk Bottled Beer 2011 Also for anyone who is interested, On The Ball, has now been renamed to Hair Of The Dog. My Dad did read through all of this thread and was grateful for everyone’s comments. Maybe when he makes a new beer he might go back down the football route but with a lot more caution this time. Cheers
  6. I would just like to make a clear point about this, we did not approach the BBC, they heard about this and contacted us.They asked to come and do an interview about it and so we accepted.
  7. Afternoon people. Thank you for some interesting thoughts from everyone, I was not expecting to get so much feed back here. @ plan b - I do agree about them wanting the crest of the label, I think when the decision was made to make a beer that could related to his one and only football club that he has been following for years he wasn’t really thinking about the consequence, he was just happy to show his pride in the club by putting it in to another one of his life hobbies, and for 3 years it was ok. The club approached him and told him NOT to produce any more of the beers which he has followed what they said because at the end of the day a local micro brewery cannot afford to go in to battle with a multimillion business like NCFC. My dad looks over the pinkun forum most days and he has been happy to see such kind words from people, although his computer skills do suck which is why he has not written anything on here himself. What happens next to the ball we will see but all your ideas have been noted. Thank you On The Ball! 
  8. Hello I have seen there is already a post about this, but I would like to get my view on this, I may have not made many posts on the forum but I have been a member for a long time Going back to the time from when my Dad made “Cheese board” appeared in the river end, and I’m sure some of you will remember this. So Mr Cheese board is the same man now who made and runs “The Why Not Brewery” which created the “On The Ball” beer, which in my opinion is fantastic ale, and for 3 years of not being in the big time, the football club did not raise an eyebrow about. It’s a whole different story now that we are back in the big time where we belong. But for the club to now start raising an issue with this beer makes me very upset. My dad has been a lifelong season ticket holder and I don’t remember him missing a home game. I can understand that using the crest can cause problems, but for the club to come out and say that he cannot use the phrase “On the ball” and the colours yellow and green is a bit bizarre. They have gone as far as saying he cannot even have a canary on the logo. I do not have a master in law but can this be done? In basically writing this to try and see if we can get some kind of backing here to keep this very successful beer going as it has done for the last few years! I know this is a long shot but I hope if I can get the support from the fellow Norwich fans and just hope the club may stumble across this and realises that taking my dad in to legal battles over a beer that promotes our football club is the complete wrong move!   OTBC  
  9. If we didnt have such a full midfield, i would like to see Tamir Cohen, would be a very good signing for a bottom half prem club.
  10. Fresh From Sky Sports 2 mins agoPeterborough United have confirmed that striker Craig Mackail-Smith is holding talks with three clubs this week.http://www.skysports.com/story/0,,12040_6990211,00.html
  11. When Crofts, Martin, and Jackson came in to the gun club on saturday for questions they were going on about all going off to Vegas then
  12. Coming from someone who follows Liverpool as well as the city I am over the moon to see Danni @ City ever since Liverpool signed him from barca he has always been talked about as a great talent for the future, although chance at Liverpool first team has been limited, the games he has played for Liverpool there has been some great signs. I can’t wait to see him play @ CR, great news for both clubs, hopefully this will give him some more experience for when he’s back at anfield.
  13. Signed him on FM11 for my mighty norwich team, 600k and 1 season later his 5 goals made me very :''(
  14. Haha I cant belive this has been brought back to life again, My dad will be very happy!, i will make sure he knows his fans are still out there. last time i tried to bring this back to life someone tor me to bits!Oh well, maybe this is a sign thatthe cheese board must rise again.Oh the days at CR when he started this, i will never forget the first game he did it at. Brie Brie For Now
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