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  1. Man of the match was the commentator for his hilarious mispronounciation of many of Norwich names.
  2. Why does the commentator keep calling Sergeant Sheppard? Weird....
  3. Gibbs already looks far more assured in DM position. Maybe we will see more of him than Lungi.
  4. Don't a lot of top strikers learn their trade on the wing? Thinking of Henry. We started off with Pukki wide right too with Rhodes upfront.
  5. I think the relevent and comparable point is that he can turn it around and that with both it is not lack of talent that is the issue. In Tzolis' case it is not lifestyle but struggling to adapt as a teenager to moving to different countrywith a very different culture.
  6. Problem of trying to type on my phone with fat fingers.
  7. If I was to write an example of confirmation bias, this would be a pefect example to give.
  8. I am more concerned about the second half at Newcastle than this result today. Our season will not be defined by Spurs away.
  9. 1) Any injury to Krul and yes absolutly 2) Krul will play better with proper competition. So yes, in our position GK will be a crucial position.
  10. "thinking the world is flat in 2021 is beyond stupid" Me
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