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  1. Your posts throughout this thread show all the signs of hyperbole reserved for those living in Suffolk that have decided to "wind up them budgies". This is all about player power. He was convinced to stay for the last season where his value was £35 mill. He has clearly been told that we will not block moves at that value. If he wants to stay then he'll stay. Personally I think keeping him for a year and selling him at £35 mill has been much more beneficial than selling him last summer. As for lack of ambition, have a word with yourself! We have come so far since League 1, our trajectory is upwards, why risk it all to appease some ill informed whiney fans?
  2. What was promising was that the players seemed to be able to adapt the tactics throughout the game and seemed to work out Barnsley. Now if they can find the finishing touch what a side we'd be!
  3. I'd like to say the players themselves.....
  4. Wasn't aimed specifically at you sorry for not being clearer. The idea that everyone interprets what they see was my point, not at your specific statement.
  5. His Career was not in question until politicians waded in. Here in the UK thankfully we have a slightly more reasoned approach. I think what you said about the Arsenal game demonstrates a lot of what is wrong with today. You project you thoughts onto their actions. I saw it as group of players nervous before a hugely important game. Too many people assuming too many things, and then presenting it as evidence.
  6. Welcome to 21st century society. Take any gesture chose your side and make you argument as extreme as you can. then immediately condemn anyone who disagrees with you. Quite depressing really.
  7. What a load of hyperbole and self serving bollox on this thread. The players have stated they wish to continue the protest, that was announced by the players union, they should be allowed to continue if they wish. Any player that choses not to should also be allowed, the amount of people projecting their beliefs or opinions on these acts is staggering. Not every player kneels is a left leaning Marxist, not everyone who stands is a rampant racist. People have the freedom do do what they want including booing, but that with that freedom comes consequences. The club is able to chose to ban or throw out fans who they feel damages their brand. I have the freedom to call my boss a **, I can't moan about my lack of free speech if I get sacked. As for the journalism, without knowing or quoting Zimm this should never have been published.
  8. Unfortunately this is the way of things nowadays. Hyperbole invades evert argument. The inappropriate use of the word racism deflects away from the real issues that exist. As does calling some one left leaning Marxist, using the term Woke, the various uses of the word fascism, genuine debate is lost. The country is now so divided that every issue positions itself to the extremes, facts seem irrelevant, everything comes down to name calling. It was personal experience that leads me to be sympathetic to this movement. I played rugby to a high level in the late 80s early 90s, the team I played for recruited a player of colour. The change in how opposing fans responded to us was instant, for him to booed every time he had the ball, the monkey noises when we walked off. If we went out in the time he used to get spat at, there always someone to start a fight with him, he was dignified through out and remains a close friend. Since we finished playing I found it easy to find employment, and currently coach and teach in school in deprived areas, hence my passion for changes in education. My friend applied for similar jobs and despite being a better player than me and more qualified struggled to even get interviewed. Eventually he got a post where he is excellent. This is anecdotal, I am not using this as evidence, just my reason as to why I think players should be respected for taking the knee. I would have if I was still playing out of support for my friend. It would not mean I support political movements, I would respect those that chose not to, all of us have different experiences. If we were booed it would signify to me that people we willing to accept that abuse was OK. On a separate note, was the club right to evict the fan. Absolutely yes, the club is a business with a brand image, damage the brand and you lose the potential sponsorship, the eviction was economically crucial. There is a reason that Millwall fail to attract the big sponsors.
  9. You have to go with the official government statistics though. I think U30s are struggling across the board, but it becomes easier to muddy the waters with "some cases". The whole picture indicates systemic issues, and the whole picture indicates issues with racial background, not opinion just what the stats show. You'll not get any argument from me that educationally there are issues with working class (all races). We need to go back to an era of vocational education tailored to those not engaged, unfortunately this is not on the horizon.
  10. Hang on, that's not quite what you said "if it's the main one then you have to explain why many ethnic groups are doing really well and in some cases better than white British." I showed evidence that none are doing better than white. I do however agree with you racism is driven by self interest, "keeping them down so my chances are higher". You want to dig deeper into poverty you need to look at the steady degradation of education away from skills and towards academia, link that to age where identity politics dictates policy and you are close. There are issues with working class poverty, but getting out of poverty (although not easy) has less barriers if you are white, for all the reasons listed throughout this thread. I would like to know why the middle class are all to blame and not the ruling class? They have been excellent at diverting blame and attention for some time now.
  11. Not quite sure of the relevance of this quote to my post?
  12. It's each players choice whether to protest or not, If they want to kneel let them if they don't who cares. Those small minded enough to boo for players for choosing what they want protest about need to have a word with themselves.
  13. You are talking about individual experiences not the whole system. All poverty should be tackled, and this is why we need an end to sustained Tory control, but all the evidence points to ethnic minorities needing more help: This is the from the government's own figures.
  14. You are not coming out of this well, you constant need to go personal shows a lack of maturity: To answer this question: lets look at the last 3 years? https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-louis-thompson-hamstring-string-injury-confirmed-mk-dons-6417680 https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45822459 https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/international-soccer/another-injury-blow-for-stephen-kenny-as-simon-power-ruled-out-of-u21-qualifier-37930698.html https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/canaries-youngster-savvas-mourgos-ruled-out-for-season-with-acl-1305458 https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/rotherham-united/rotherham-united-injury-blow-millers-ahead-burton-albion-trip-490193 Yes, barely a one....
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