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  1. Agreed Jonzey, I would be over the moon as a championship club with this signing. I am uneasy as a prem league club that we may be left with 2 strikers. If this is the case I expect 2 more strikers to sign. Injury can play a huge part in a season. Look at Newcastles injury woes or it could be argued that Tottenham missed out on a Champ league place due to lack of strikers.
  2. Some comments baffle me. Yes Wigan may be getting an older replacement to Kone but may just land a 20+ goal a season championship level striker. I would be pretty happy with that. Adding to that is that I reckon Holt was one of the trickiest players for defenders to deal with in the Premiership for the last 2 seasons. To get somebody of proven quality for the last 4 seasons is not something to be sniffed at. If he goes I will have mixed feelings. Time possibly to move on but will miss the big guy massive. I still stand by my stance of shouting "Get of the f''ing pitch for f''ck sake you big t0sser" away at Sunderland 2011/2012 season whilst all Norwich fans stared at me in disbelief that I dared heckle the big fella. Sorry for shouting, I should have cheered the fact that he spent hours walking off the pitch when subbed when we desperately needed a goal. Only one of the very few times I have questioned Grant Holt.
  3. Well I can understand the frustration but for me living in North Yorkshire I am happy to be able to see another game on sky. Only get to a handful of games per season due to distance so canary player and sky come in very handy.
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