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  1. lol the rain that age old leveller. I though you northern lot were meant to be hard as nails and southerners little girls.
  2. to say we have good road links is a joke. We have got to be in the top 5 worst countys for road travel. And as for rail good service to london anywere else *
  3. yeh im sure theyl be pay on the gate.
  4. i rang up today to get tickets but i was told all sold out.
  5. holt and hoolahan are to valuable to lose. To put in perspective how far we and paulton rovers are; leeds lost to histon last year who are two leagues below them, paulton are a further 3 leagues below histon. If paulton found themselves playing just three leagues below that could be a team from the ang comb league. Which from personal experiance as a 16 year old is very very poor.
  6. This is one of the few things i actually like where delia is concerned. She is one of the most passionate owners in football and was trying to help the team by getting the crowd going. I quite like it that away fans taunt us with lets be havin you. As other posters have said surely 7-1 has got to be the worst ncfc moment perhaps in 50 years?
  7. sorry for the double thread didnt think it posted the first one.
  8. Must of been promotion season we found ourselves last in this postition.   http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/CurrentForm/0,,10794~200925,00.html   With the one defeat against jammy leeds.
  9. This is good reading of your a city fan.   http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/CurrentForm/0,,10794~200925,00.html
  10. lets see how tough he is when his fellow inmates realise who he is and he is a woman beater!
  11. **** off roy keane oh what can it mean.... you know the rest :)
  12. I agree sounds like the allagations are just to lower her boyfriends time.
  13. wait untill christmas, if they are in the sthit then we should start laughing.
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