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  1. Lambert''s had that same attitude in both previous rounds. You can never read him in any of his interviews, this season more than ever he''s used the press to play mind games. Every player wants to play at Wembely, every player out there wanted to win. For some reason nothing we done worked, credit to Leicester. It just wasn''t our day and it showed in the players attitude. Lets be honest more unusual things have happened.
  2. Most stupid post of the week..? That''s rich coming from you Banana. Firstly where in my OP did I use the spurs game as an excuse? I was taking the p*ss. Secondly the pitch really wasn''t that bad.. If you want to talk "bad" pitches, remember league 1? Thirdly did you see the spurs line-up? I don''t care how "up for it" Stevenage were, Tottenham should have won easily. They didn''t, they just couldn''t get going today. These things happen, there''s no certainty''s in football. On the team selection.. Yes Lambert got it wrong, there''s no shame in saying that. But the team that was out there, minus Steer, have all performed in the Premiership this season. I mean we dropped Holt for Morison, Morison a player that has started how many times this season? A player that cost how much in the summer? A player that scored how many goals in the Championship? It''s not as if we started with Wilbraham, It was hardly a massive shock. On the team selection for Burnley and West Brom.. Do you honestly think Lambert and the players wanted to win them 2 games and suddenly decided against Leicester they didn''t fancy it? Do you honestly think any players turn up and decide to play badly? Loving winning & hating loosing is natural in every person. The team selections for both Burnley and WBA reflected on what our current ''league'' team was. Both times players were rested, I expected Morison to start. Like I''ve said there''s nothing wrong with saying Lambert got it wrong, but some of the stuff being said on here is well beyond that and is "moronic" We can''t win every game.. and its a sure thing we''re not going to play brilliant football every game. There''s shocks in football results most weeks. Get. Over. It.
  3. Correct me if I''m wrong.. We wanted to price the tickets a lot cheaper, but with Leicester being entitled to 50% of the gate receipts they wanted to up the price. That''s why tickets took so long to come on sale, because we couldn''t settle on a price..
  4. Harry and Tottenham you''re f**king useless!! You''ve cost me 30 pounds down the pub for a game you clearly didn''t want to win. None of the players cared, as for defoe.. SELL HIM!... He''s a useless lazy tw*t! I mean Harry might as well have threw the game with that line up! With my tactical knowledge they''d have won 27-0. ...... Tottenham sit 3rd in the Premiership with a Manager being linked with England. Anyone see there performance/result today? Just because Leicester are a division below us it doesn''t give us a divine right to win. People are acting like complete and utter idiots! I don''t care what anyone says no player goes out to have a bad game! I''m sorry do you expect the club to give a refund every time we lose? Sh*t. Happens.
  5. LDC you are right, Its no different to the idiots that think ''if they sit in the Barclay they''re beyond anyone in the River end. But on the other hand there are alot people like yourself, who cant attend matches for different reasons. This isn''t aimed at you, but a quite a few people in your situation, despite listening to games on radio norfolk, think they can give an expert analysis of everything. It always shows in what they say because they talk nonsense. This is where the abuse starts. I don''t believe anyone thinks you''re less of a supporter, its just someone who''s been to every game this season doesn''t like being told by someone that''s only been to Tottenham at home. But when It comes down to it, we''re men talking about football.. Don''t we all think we''re Alex Ferguson.
  6. Just something for you all to mull over... This Is a list of the cheapest ADULT Matchday tickets that have been available In the Premier League this Season. Blackburn £10.00 Newcastle £10.00 Wigan £15.00 Wolves £20.00 Fulham £20.00 Aston Villa £21.00 Bolton £22.00 Chelsea £23.50 Stoke £25.00 Everton £25.00 Sunderland £25.00 West Brom £25.00 Man City £25.00 Man Utd £28.00 NORWICH CITY £28.00 Only Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, QPR and Swansea haven''t sold an Adult ticket for cheaper than us. Yes I know about demand for tickets etc. etc. And No I''m not moaning. But our prices aren''t exactly "value" to watch ''Premier League Football''.
  7. Some people on here bemuse me. I agree totally with OP''s opinion on Clingan that Season. He was by far our best player and his commitment could never be doubted, the only reason I can see for people to question that is because of how he left. This a quote from an Interview with Clingan after he signed; “I’m absolutely delighted to be joining a big club like Norwich City. I’m leaving a good club, Nottingham Forest, to join Norwich and I’m really looking forward to trying to get them promoted to the Premier League. “Once I had spoken to Glenn Roeder and viewed the fantastic facilities at the Club it was an easy decision to make. I knew of Glenn’s managerial reputation, working with big name players in the Premier League and hopefully he will help me become a better player too". At the end of the day he left a newly promoted Nottingham team to sign for us now in same league. Why? Because with the second highest wage bill in the league people were talking about promotion. Clingan bought into this and well, we all no what happened. At the time when Clingan left us he made a decision that lets be honest looked the sensible one (He''s a footballer not a Norwich fan). Join Coventry, a team then under management of Chris Coleman being talked about as outsiders for promotion to the Premiership Or Stay at Norwich a club now In League 1, under the management of Bryan Gunn, with worsening financial difficulties and Micheal Theokilitos being named as there number 1 target. I don''t blame any of the players for ''Jumping Ship'' at the end of that season, Even I felt like jumping ship lol. It''s Ironic how things have worked out but it could have been very different. Back to the OP, I''d have probably said Yes at the start of the season, But now It''d have to be a No.
  8. Great Video!!! Someone with Twitter should post the link to him, Sure he''d love to watch it!!
  9. Yellow Shirt are you being serious??? "Jackson" "he has not been a great buy at all- he scored a few useful goals last season but there is no reason to believe anyone else might not have knocked them in as well" "Doesn''t get the goals he needs to to justify inclusion." When Jackson got a run in our side last season he couldn''t stop scoring. His goals pushed us on too promotion ffs!!! He''s scored 15 Goals in 23 starts. I''d love too see "anyone" just "nock" that many goals in. Even If Jackson does go on to leave, he was a success just for what he done last season!!
  10. "you have no sense of humour or grasp of when you are being wound up" Yes because a spelling mistake Is ever so funny!! Hilarious stuff City1st. Personally I''d say anyone with a sense of humour that doesn''t take things to seriously would find this video amusing, but if punctuation does it for you then I''ll leave you to it... This Is getting boring.
  11. After me calling you petty you decide to correct "your" too "you''re". Proves a point don''t you think... Mister Chops comment must of made you laugh slightly though City1st?? You sit there mocking my punctuation/spelling yet you don''t even use the basics yourself... I''m bored of reading the ''I know everything'' cr*p you post on here. Put your Dictionary back in your draw.
  12. And that spelling was rather embarrassing! My computer spellchecker changes anything that ends In ''ise'' too a random ''ize'' version of the word, I take it its American "S
  13. Well, now what to say. "not everyone on here takes everything so deadly seriously" You are joking right? There''s more pedantic, petty and serious posters on here than people I''ve met in real life. And City1st you are one of them. You believe your above everyone as most of your posts show. It gets to the point where people give up posting because of pathetic people like you. There was no need for your comment. Also do you really class "you need to go out more" as banter??? My 7 year old nephew could come up with more inspired banter. I would like to see things from your point of view City1st- but my head doesn''t go quite that far up my ass...
  14. Im not saying the fee wasn''t 500k, But the deal was Undisclosed and most reports I''ve seen have said around the £2million mark. He showed great potential when he first came through at United, hence the reason Fergie gave him a big 4 year contract. But for the past year they''ve struggled to get rid off him because of the 50k+ wages he was offered back in 2008. If he recaptures his early form he could prove a bargain. At 500k I''d have him, but at 2million I wouldn''t.
  15. City1st, You optimize everything that''s wrong with this forum. Despite saying this is a "very slick and well put together" video, you still find the need to offend the OP. How about Instead of sitting at home having a w*nk over your ''status'' on the Pin''un, you go out and socialize with some real people. Back to the video. Good find mate, Thanks for posting it!! You haven''t got to justify yourself to that tw*t.
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