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  1. It was Man Utd fans singing 20 times 20 times Man Utd,20 times 20 times I say,20 times 20 times man Utd,playing football the busby way..guess it was well funny tho..Should of boo''ed their team off the pitch I reckon;-)
  2. Ha,yeah.Certainly not clueless.I think I understand what he''s trying to do and it does seem to be very particular,neat and structured and maybe you lose abit of that "up and at em" excitement thing you get with more gung-ho type managers.Davies is another of quite a few players I''ve heard recently really rate working him..Easy for me to be philosophical though when I haven''t spent hundreds of pounds following them up to the northwest to get battered.Ive only been to one away this season and we won...and I''m going tomorrow so I''ll see how much I like him tomorrow night..Back on topic,would love to see Hughtons top 11players he worked with(player and manager).Might give more of a clue to his psyche..
  3. Interesting to hear just now watching on Fantasy Football Club,Sky Sports that Curtis Davies put Chris Hughton as best tactician and man manager he has played for.Went on to say how meticulous he was in his planning,especially set pieces and how even if you were not in starting eleven he kept you happy so you''d want to do well when you get your chance..Fair do only Davies,but he has played under Robson,Pearson,O''neil,Houllier,Eriksson,Mccleish,Bruce,Pearce,Taylor and he rates Hughton over any of them on the two things I and many doubt Hughton on,tactics and squad moral..
  4. I must say that I always seem to promise myself every season that I won''t bother with early round cup games again, but like last night I can''t resist going because A:I live literally 5min walk from ground and B:have been fortunate the last few years to still be in employment and afford the games, but the reason the lads I go to league games with(season tickets in lower barclay)don''t go,despite being in similiar situation to me, is thats its just a dull affair.. I know everyone has their opinion on how they enjoy a game and thats fine and theres been a million posts on it,but I go to a game for the whole day experience, few beers with the lads,on my feet in the ground,sing,chant,banter with opposition etc. I do my sitting down analysing a game on my sofa super sunday..I personally dont appreciate getting scowled at last night for trying to start a ''Theres only one Chrissy Hughton''.I would personally not go fullstop if it was like that everyweek,and do something abit more fun with my time..I don''t know what happens at cup games,but I just don''t enjoy the overall experience,which Is probably why I''m hesitant to pay out for them.I''d happily pay out £30 for a good night/atmosphere,I do for gigs and comedy shows and the like but as i said i can sit on my sofa in silence and watch a game of football for free(kinda!)...
  5. I''m with Shefcanary on this.Don''t think Hughton could''ve done much more.We seemed well prepared and organised but you can''t blame Hughton for missing one on ones and over hitting set pieces/corners/crosses into touch.They are wasted opportunities not poor management..
  6. Sure I also remember an article on this site about their keeper wanting to "hammer us" in the lead up to game. Shame it could be claimed he was at fault for the decisive goal(as well as no-one closing down Tettey shot and slow reaction to keeper spill other than Holt with assured finish)..But they say what goes around comes around..Maybe Arsenal keepers could do with watching and learning something from Mr.Ruddy in goalkeeping!!
  7. I travelled by car last season and I found away parking quite thin on the ground personally. Got there quite early(11.30 for 3KO) but every car park near ground we were turned away from,pre-booked/coach/home parking only. We ended parking under a fly-over which had a social club situated on it about a 10 minute walk from the Holte end of the stadium but the roads were gridlocked for at least an hour after,some crazy one way system thing going on!..I''ve since been told the easiest thing to do is park in Birmingham itself and bus the short way to ground and would be tempted if I was going this time to give that a shot..I hope you have a better result parking and score than me last season!!OTBC
  8. Ha.I guess at least he was there and not giving a damning verdict from the wireles on canary call!..I also just wish stewards/club/ground rules didn''t take the fun out of being at a game like this(prob for the first time for most people it seemed)..I saw also,prob bout a 14 year old get taken out for a telling off for persistent standing at the very back seat of the Barclay block E,our ''passionate'' stand..Why not let the younger kids have a chance to be part of a passionate atmos,beat a drum or something,I don''t know..I''m sure not being able to express yourself at the footie is what is lost on nights like these..I''m rambling anyway!!
  9. Now,I try not to think of myself as some elitist,above every other supporter, but I went again tonight for the hundredth time of promising not to go to early round cup games,but after 90 minutes of football the guy next to me said ''who'' when we announced Francomb as man of the match,and honestly didnt know who he was.Now I''d of personally voted for hoolahan but for the guy next to me to give a damning opinion of Norwich through-out the game and not know who one of our players was is mind-blowing..Fairly decent performance by City.Just thought I''d share a crazy thing I heard!!
  10. I''m not 100% sure what it means myself as I was quoting the OP who used that line in summary of our performance.I took it to mean hitting long hopeful balls with no structure to it but you may have to ask him exactly what it means. If that is what he meant I thought it was abit harsh on us,as I thought we played good football for the most part,maybe not the finished article obviously but I have belief again after last week..
  11. The OP said we played long balls without any address so by my reckoning QPR played ''Really'' long balls  in the 2nd half,hit in hope up for Cisse to maybe get on to, or maybe not because, erm, he didn''t!..I swear we were abit more patient and played abit better football than that, but maybe I''m wrong, or maybe thats how I saw it..Anyway MOTD is on, so maybe I can find out how much better QPR were than i thought..
  12. I think i would be more concerned to be a QPR fan tonight cos their 2nd half display was really long balls without any address. I saw a real improvement on retaining posession and more composure than last week(wouldn''t be hard), and even though i didn''t watch QPR v Swansea last week if that was an improvement for them today then i think we have really high standards..I thought we looked quite progressive at times,the first goal was absolute class build up..I can only remember Ruddy having to make one save,which he did then fell foul to illegal positioning from Zamora..I think based on today we may have a little something..
  13. Argh,Damnit lol..Once I''d stopped jumping around like a loon after the goal,i could see the pisstaking dance you always get in the away end after a goal but I couldn''t remember hearing the music. Maybe it was just abit quieter or something..Nevermind,I''ll put up with the embarassing goal music if we''re scoring!..
  14. Great to be back at Fortress Carrow Road on a saturday again. Looking back though I''m not sure if I was too busy going mental to notice, but i swear there was no goal music. Also i kind of heard the announcer for On The Ball City before the start but it didn''t seem as overbearing as it has done for a few years. Now whether the speakers weren''t working in the Barclay or something but I certainly preferred just what seemed crowd noise. I know there has been lots of posts started about this topic on this site/messageboard, and i''m sure a majority found the announcer/goal music/choreography thing maybe a little cringeworthy so hopefully the club has listened to those opinions..  
  15. Just noticed checking my bank account online that my monthly season ticket payment was taken friday but then credited back the same day. Never known this to happen since paying monthly for season ticket(3years) and just wondered if anyone had a similar thing or have a reason why. Prob will phone ticketline tomorrow to check anyway, but just chucking it out there if anyones had a similar thing..
  16. I hope we, as a club, will remember the lost and brave before kick off next Sunday, Ten years on from the atrocities of that day 2001. I will never forget it as a huge day in history.. Would have a tear and pride to stand silent, in the Barclay, with the live cameras, to show compassion.. Still cant get my head around the loss of the innocent..
  17. Im kinda in the same position as the opening post. I normally drive/train it to away games with the old man and work mates, sharing the cost, but i find myself a loner for the Wigan game. Certainly not gonna miss it though!.. What i was actually wondering is what the coach travel is like. Couldn''t believe how cheap it is, but havent used it since bout 1993 as a kid!..Ive been told the coaches can generally be abit clichey(sp) and they only like their regulars,if you know what im saying, so not the way to go if you want a laugh and make new friends..Suppose it will be more of a laugh than paying for a tank of petrol and a 4hour journey on your own!.. Anyone travelled on em'' recently
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