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  1. I can clearly see you are all either blind or haven''t seen Willbesh*t play yet. He is fking dreadful...how about the song f*ck of aaron f*ck off aaron pointing vigerously at him??
  2. That is true. But then can you not understand why many people may not appreciate these lads wearing morph suits?
  3. Whittle couldn''t be any more correct if he tried... The blanket wearing, sandwich eating Norwich fans just think that any one in their 30''s/40''s wearing casual clothing is INSTANTLY in the "NHS" - which clearly on this board is just thrown out to anyone who they think may not own a Delia Smith cook book. This thread wasn''t started for the hatred of the wearing of Morph suits, it was the rumour in which one got hit... It has now escalated and some of the claims on here are truly ridiculous. You got hit by someone. Full stop. If you want to judge this person on the basis of what he was wearing then so can they... You''ve judged them on the basis of their "casual attire" that they are associated with the "NHS"...Well the guy who hit you could of associated with you being anything from a paedophile to an escaped mentalist... Give it a rest and stop this pathetic name dropping.
  5. [quote user="Ren"][quote user="jas the barclay king"]this thread is rather amusing in places.[/quote] It really is. Love the way the group of lads, not in colours no doubt, who lets face could be any of us really, are now offically the NHS, who by the way sit in the Snakepit. LMAO.[/quote] Completely agree Ren! Ridiculous! He could of been a Leeds/Plymouth/Exeter/Porto/La Galaxy fan, who lives in Norwich...
  6. So mtv, if these so called "thugs" got "done over" by a "morph"... why have they they been labelled by the "morph" for being "thugs"????????????
  7. Why is it, that if a fan is wearing casual clothing, they get targeted as a thug?!
  8. [quote user="liam_norw"]Im proud to be a yellow and ill continue to show my support in the ways i want to![/quote] And so will these people you label as "thugs"...because the majority of Norwich''s fans would label you as stupid, sad c*s
  9. [quote user="Henry"] There seems to be a growing trend here to belittle and mock this group of young fans in the Snakepit. To me ... their only crime is being passionate about Norwich City. Its true that perhaps they could be a touch more diplomatic and reserved in the way they show it, but we all support Norwich in our own ways .... Isn''t that true???? [/quote]   Too right, there should be no problem with that. English Football has been set on that scene for a long time...since when has Football been a picnic or debate about pensions?
  10. Well i''ve been speaking to a close friend of mine who plays for the club and he told me on Friday that we signed him but it hadn''t been said in the media yet. Also, I will add he didn''t want me to say I heard it from him...
  11. [quote user="canarykheng"]You sad sad people! Every other club in the land had a pitch invasion to celebrate a triumph...think were the only club that doesn''t! The players will do a lap of honour at Carlisle when we get the trophy anyway! We should have all gone on the pitch and bathed in the glory of the moment but no! The Jarrold, N+P, and City stand just clapped! Boring! Where is the passion!! Every other club embraces the pitch ''invasion'' when the achieve a bit of glory...staying up, promotion, champions, play-offs anything![/quote] Agree with every single fucking bit of that. All these ''fans'' coming on here saying how idiotic it was to go on the pitch, maybe if you stopped being boring old CUNTS you would enjoy the fun side of life and being passionate supporters. Just like every other club in this division. All we and the club ever do is congratulate us on how we are such a good set of fans, yet when you get half a dozen fans a bit pissed up enjoying them selves you all go and suck your thumbs and blab about how you only wish you could have fun. IMO the barclay started off the chant "ON THE PITCH" 10 mins before the end of the game, yet they all booed the fans when they came off the pitch. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ABOUT? ENJOY LIFES YOU FUCKING KILLJOYS
  12. [quote user="First Jedi"]No Barclay E block pics... :''([/quote]   And block D2!
  13. However you look at it, the police were only foccused on making arrests on Norwich fans. This is easy paperwork for them as we local. They cannot be bothered to follow up some skin head from Leeds.
  14.   Because the person who i work with looks like something out of lord of the rings! That''s why the women on the PIN''UN are not attractive.
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