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  1. Player of the season: Andrew Crofts Favourite Match: Portsmouth Away Best Goal: Crofts V Barnsley Best Opponents: Swansea Best Opposing Fans: Orient (FA Cup) Moment you thought we are good enough to do it: QPR home Lowest Point: Doncaster Away Best opposing player: Sinclar Unsung Hero: Ian Culverhouse & Gary Karsa Sum up Paul Lambert in 3 words: Absolute Freaking Legend!
  2. Got mine on saturday, up in block W2 in the corner!! £140 for 5 student tickets and bus tickets! A bit expensive, but for two of those on their first away trips totally worth it. And yes Forest can be one of the better away days, but if the stewards are in a bad mood expect to sit for the duration of the game, much like at Carrow Road.
  3. getting tickets on saturday, 5 of us going!! First away game for one of my friends!
  4. Just seen on the Offy Site that the game has been moved back to 1.15pm kick off. Reason: BBC are to show the game instead of SKYhttp://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~2080607,00.html
  5. Lee Probert is listed as the ref for our game this saturday,
  6. cheers for that Salford, not sure that would work in my opinion, just going to waste space in important games, derby games etc. And like others i really enjoy the banter at certain games coming from both sides of the segregation netting. I am however with Tangible on certain points, whilst i do get very frustrated with the t w a t behind me when he keeps shouting us to sit, as it even during those exciting bits, i do acknowledge him when the game is not in those exciting parts, as he like myself has paid for his ticket and has the right to watch the game however he wishes. I know the stewards get bad mouthed for what they do, i know i do it a lot, but at the end of the day they are just doing their job and enforcing the regulations.
  7. I am one of those fans that is too young to remember the old terraces, but as a fan and a paying customer should we all not be able to watch the game as we want. I sit in the lower barclay, and i for one and getting very annoyed by the stewards coming along every 5 minutes and telling me to sit down! Add on this the t w a t behind us who is always shouting for us to sit down, if you want to sit move somewhere else. I have said before but was not sure on how sure i was on the subject, but are the FA not looking at the possibility of removing segregation within football grounds (believe this was tried earlier this season at Forest Vs Donny game) so why can they not try to bring back the terraces. The only chance i get to watch a football match whilst standing is when i get to watch my local Anglian Combination side, and that is just kack.
  8. Charlton Vs Orient will be streamed online yes, because it is on SkySports you should be able to find a stream of this with ease.
  9. I did not know that GH, thanks for that! Well you never know, we could still go 3 points clear, and then only two games in hand.
  10. Then we could be 3 points clear by the time Leeds next play a league game. A Win against the Bees at home moves us top on GD, and assuming Leeds are not playing tuesday night, a win for us against the Saddlers tuesday night moves us 3 points clear.And i know that Leeds will have 3 games in hand then, but we will have the points on the board, and they will then have the pressure of chasing us in those games. OTBC
  11. I may be wrong, but i didn''t think it was Joe Lewis in goal for Posh!!I was always a fan of Marshall, he was a good goalie. I think him and Forster are very similar keepers, good shot stopping, poor kicking at times, and not very demanding in the box. For me Marshall would just pip it for the experience. As for Joe lewis i have not seen enough of his play to compare him to any of the goalies we have now. Still if i had my choice and he was fit Declan Rudd would be my number 1, the kid has got it all from what i have seen, good shot stopper, good distribution, good kicking, and camanding in his box.
  12. [quote user="Houston Canary"]1. Montreal Canadians 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. Edmonton Eskimos   May they all rot in hell.  I do not have such a hate on for opposing soccer teams as most of you, but by far my favorite team in any sport is NCFC. [/quote]Just for Houston canary, my top 3 hated american sports teams1. Dallas Cowboys2. New England Patriots3. Boston Red Sox
  13. They have gone today, my mate went in about an hour ago and tried getting some, but they were sold out!So we got a few for the re match at Walsall!!
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