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  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have a ticket for the neutral end. It cost £40. If interested please pm.
  2. I ordered 4 tickets and have only received 3. I have a feeling this is going to be painful!
  3. Is this the bloke who has a drink problem and whose wife complained on twitter when he was dropped. When he played at Carrow Road, I thought he was poor, so I would be very disappointed if we signed him.
  4. Maybe Lambert is just going to look after himself and dump Culverhouse!
  5. If Calderwood comes does that mean that Holt is more likely to go. I think they had a bust up over Holt putting in a transfer request when at Forest.
  6. I think Hughton is a fantastic appointment but I would rather have Culverhouse as assistant. It is probably pie in the sky but I can always wish!
  7. Lukaku on loan would be fantastic. Do you think he will be loaned out for the season?
  8. I cannot think that we will bring anyone in until we have the manager in place. I presume he will have a list of targets and lets just hope that they are not the same as the one Lambert had, because I am sure he will be on the phone on Monday. The strikers we bring in will all be a risk as they will not be a proven premier league striker - Bent cost 20 million. I am concerned that our plans are now thrown into confusion as it looks like we are losing all the back room staff as well. The thing in our favour is that we have a number of excellent young players who should improve next season. Holt may ultimately stay as I do not think the saga has finished yet.
  9. He makes up for his grammatical failings by scoring loads of goals and I think that should be remembered. I think he has been poorly advised and his 70 goals should afford him some slack and possibly respect.
  10. Do we know what else he talked about?
  11. It is just a form of bullying and you certainly would not do it to his face.
  12. I think it is mean, small minded, nasty and spiteful; and certainly not funny.
  13. Hopefully we will get in a quality manager very quickly and he will put his arm around the players, dust them down and bring some stability. All of the recent events are unsettling for the players but that can be turned around very quickly. We are a Premiership team that finished 12th last year and we have some great young players that will improve further under a good manager. If we get the right man and in our position, who would not want to join us. This will all be forgotten by the start of the season and we will be talking about aiming for a place in the top ten before a ball is kicked. All this hate and disappointment will be channelled back into supporting our team. Holt will be made to feel very important and will stay.
  14. I know we should not slag Holt and Lambert off, but I do get tired of hearing what they have done for us, and not much about what we have done for them. I think there was a great love from the crowd towards the both of them and we all hoped it was mutual. I think the recent events show that it was nothing of the sort and there is the realisation that we were all naive to believe it in the first place. This is obviously our grieving period and lets hope that quick action by the board does not prolong the process. Breaking up is never easy!! I know that it is irrational and not very grown up and I don''t want to feel like this, but I so hope they fail miserably wherever they end up. I feel better for that and perhaps that was my first step to returning to normality.
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