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  1. it looks as though that Burnley goal owed something to the wind...
  2. I'd recommend the "Sunderland Til I Die" documentary to anyone who might not have seen it... Utterly compelling stuff !
  3. Let us know if he posts anything about peculiar incomprehensible visitors from the east...
  4. I bet there were a few interesting characters in The Liverpool Taxi Drivers Social Club weren't there Pockthorpe?
  5. I seem to remember that Ginger came from Wisbech or nearby, and also that he attended several games in a Pink Panther suit..!!!! Please could someone confirm that I haven't completely lost my marbles....?
  6. Pockthorpe, you've spoken for a lot of City fans of a certain vintage with your OP...
  7. It's an extremely good university run by dedicated staff with a beautiful campus in a fine city. I admit to slight bias,as my lovely wife works there...
  8. I got my first season ticket when I started in decently paid employment in 1984 and kept it until 1995 when I switched from sunday football to saturdays because we'd started a family...when I retired from playing football in 2003-4 that coincided with the new south stand being opened and me and my two boys were able to get season tickets for the last third of that season which we've had ever since...I started in the barclay when the season ticket was a little book of tickets individually printed for each match - I really liked those...
  9. October 1975,home against Birmingham. I was 11 , had wanted to go for ages ,and this was my brother's birthday treat and his first game as well. City won one nil with a goal from Phil Boyer. We sat in the old main stand and were overwhelmed by the colour, noise and passion of the occasion.
  10. I can remember the Guardian tipping us for relegation at the start of the 1992/93 season.
  11. My favourite sporting event of any summer. I love the complexity of it.
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