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  1. Oops, I had counted Cameron McGeehan in the six because I thought he was still at Barnsley.
  2. I would argue that the 2013 Youth team lads have been remarkably successful. There are six of them playing regular first team football across the EFL.
  3. I think the shorts were aways black until a couple of late sixties seasons when they went to green, then black again for 70/71,and back to green for 71/72 and thereafter...
  4. Not sure about the chap in the middle, but it looks like Dave Stringer on the edge of the frame...
  5. In reply to the question in theOP, I think Peter Silvester was out for just over two years with the injury he suffered in the 71-72 promotion season.
  6. He's a good old boy and no mistake...When he was manager, he made sure that all the lads who made it through the system to a pro contract got at least one first team appearance. Many happy returns Ken.
  7. Well, I certainly was really unhappy about Ken's dismissal. My best mate, Gary, and I jointly penned a card of commiseration to Uncle Ken expressing our regret,thanking him for everything he'd done for the club and wishing him all the best for the future. It remains the one and only time I've ever written to a public figure or celebrity or whatever...I don't do twitter or any of that business...
  8. Stringer, Brown, Bond. This is about favourites,so that's the way I've voted,but I suspect the best one may well be Farke...
  9. I think we bought Roger Brown from Bournemouth. Around the end of John Bond's years. Looking back on the players that we got from them in that first wave, it's interesting that they were more or less all very successful signings. Those players took a major leap up the divisions when they joined Norwich, and mostly all did well at the higher level . Bournemouth supporters with longer memories will wonder what might have been if Bond hadn't returned to tempt them.
  10. I think you're right,Pockthorpe...I seem to remember Ken Brown did come out and thank us for our support...Above everything else, I recall the sheer joy and adrenaline rush of that sprint across the pitch. That bloody fence in front of the old Barclay took a bit of negotiating, though. Definitely a job for teenagers, I wouldn't fancy trying to haul myself over that nowadays...The latter half of that season was fantastic...!
  11. What did poor old Carlisle do wrong though,Sam? I've always sort of assumed that once you go to a proper match as a kid they've got you for life, really...
  12. I recall a phone call on one of Danny Baker's many different radio shows about 25 years ago when some cocky little lad of about 12 years old rang in and started banging on about how great Liverpool were and how "we" were going to destroy every other side that season. Baker let him run on and then asked him where he came from..."Bournemouth" said the kid..."I reckon you can see Anfield's 's floodlights from your bedroom window, can't you?" and cut him off....!
  13. it looks as though that Burnley goal owed something to the wind...
  14. I'd recommend the "Sunderland Til I Die" documentary to anyone who might not have seen it... Utterly compelling stuff !
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