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  1. Did we ever gittu the bottum uv what thayre durn in trainun?
  2. 4 pints for price of 3 during tonights game, according to their twitter account #OTBC
  3. Always a good atmosphere at Maltings Bar for a Norwich game, just off Toosday Market Place.  And drinks deals when theres a live game on. 
  4. Snodgrass''s ego is too large for the team.  Sort it, Hoo''un.
  5. "They were a really strong team we were up against today, we tried just as hard as we could but in the end we just couldnt deliver."  Well, Chris, how''s it going to change next week? "Well, Brian, I''ve every confidence in my players and we''ll be working hard in training all week long and I''m sure they''ll be really up for the challenge next week." Thanks, Chris.
  6. "Norwich fans whipping up a bit of a storm".  Well, slight breeze.
  7. Last week, we made Spurs look pretty fantastic - ok, they are.  But this week, we''re making Villa look dangerous because we''re not forcing them on to the back foot at all.  Have to question Snodgrass'' self-belief - it''s damaging to the whole team thing.  *Sighs*.
  8. "some tinpot outfit playing on cow patches"It''s "cow pats".  Of all the message boards, we should get that right.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Ruel Fox Simply brilliant! he did things with the ball that i never thought possible as a 10 year old.[/quote]Thought he was older.Ken Foggo, but shows me age.
  10. Banana, do please try and keep up.  We have a template for this type of nonsense now:http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/2921681/ShowPost.aspx
  11. When we''re in the other two thirds of the pitch (ie the vast majority of the time) perhaps we could do "attack attack attack attack attack"?
  12. And another big gate - just under 2,000.  Lots of people watching football in Norfolk this week.
  13. "Norwich City’s Under-18s chief Neil Adams insists the Canaries will go all out for the win in tonight’s televised FA Youth Cup semi-final, first leg tie at Nottingham Forest"And at least we''d find out exactly what was gorn on in trainun...
  14. Much to my surprise, I actually agreed with Butler last night on Canary Call that this is "not fan-friendly football".  It''s back to the "should football be entertainment" issue.  ''Nother thing said was that this is Hoo''uns style of football and he wont change his philosophy.  Ok, he probably didn''t use such long words, but if anyone thinks that next season will bring on free-flowing, attacking football, then it''s clear there''ll have to be a change of manager for that to happen.I pays my money and I want to be entertained.  Right now, in Norfolk, that''s watching King''s Lynn.ps don''t give Butler the job of reading out the local football results, please.  It''s torture to listen to him trying to read.
  15. This is just soooo clever - viral marketing at it''s most absolute be''st. http://www.facebook.com/devidetheband?sk=app_123966167614127
  16. Must disagree.  I do have a crystal ball.  Devide and rile.
  17. Not gonna say nothing for fear of being ejected.  Perhaps we need to establish how tall Hoo''un and McNasty are.  I don''t think they''re un-naturally tall for non-Iceni.  Perhaps a question for Canary Call a la the Neil Adams and willy question.
  18. Where I sit, there''s a particularly tall person who sits right in front of me and continually impedes my view of the game.I think the club should Do Something about this.  After all, it''s not natural, us Iceni are born what might be considered something on the short side so he must be an outsider, to boot!Perhaps the club could write to all tall people who attend games and ask them to desist from being tall?  I appreciate it''s a difficult issue, and it does put the club in a tricky position, but there just has to be a Safety Issue here.  How about in movers and shakers week, us normal sized people get a chance to move in front of Tall People?
  19. I sit in the River End and think it''s lovely to clap along, although it always seems to help when those DJs play some music.  Nice.
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