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  1. I agree that Peels reports were rubbish, he seemed to be playing for laughs. I dont believe that the stations are pro or anti either way, football fans are very touchy. Down in Ipswich they think all the local media are pro Norwich. Probably upsets them that both TV stations are here and even their local papers are Norwich owned and printed
  2. Sorry, got that wrong Its not Shaun who supports Blackburn, its Ian Winter who now works on BBC Midlands today.
  3. Nothings changed about this.   The local stations always start with and  usually give more coverage to the teams with the highest league standing. Therefore because Ipswich and Posh are in a league above us they get priority, it was always the way. Stuart White is not an Ipswich fan, he supports Aston Villa. Shaun Peel supports Blackburn.
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